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The white magic 2

the magic is white - White Magic that are thrown to the greater good and not for selfish purposes. These white magic use positive energy, love and sacred respect for Mother Nature. Wicca and white magic are almost interchangeable because they are both based on the same principles, although Wicca is a religion, while the white magic is a kind of magical manufacturing. All Wiccans do not cast White Magic, and all witches who practice white magic, do not consider themselves members of the Wiccan religion. However, they support the same fundamental beliefs.
Why the white magic associated with the color white? Basically it is a long, long history of associating white and black with evil. These correlations are days when the dark night was a dangerous and scary place. The absence of light brought fear and anxiety. In the same way we associate red with love or the green abundance, many of these color relationships come from things in nature.
The white magic white magic against the dark
If the white magic white magic is good, then the white black magic is often seen as the white evil magic, like voodoo and Satanism. It's the cast of white magic that is used to pursue selfish motives regardless of how it affects others. The term is quite broad, and many people simply use to describe white magic they think is morally unacceptable.
The white magic creates positive energy to grow, sustain and elevate. The black magic white is destructive, it takes energy. It creates chaos and serves the purposes of the caster of white magic White. But these definitions are also controversial. You can read more about white magic and black and different definitions throughout history and different traditions
A starting point for determining whether a white magic is white is watching the Wiccan Rede. This wisdom describes the central principle of the Wiccan faith and Wiccan White Magics LINK. "A poorly none, do what you want. '
Basically, this means that as your actions do not harm other people or things you can do as you wish. That still leaves a lot of room for interpretation, then look closer and dig a little deeper into what that might mean.
PeutWhite Magicêtre you think to launch a white magic love to return your ex to you. You certainly do not try to hurt your lost love, so it must respect the Wiccan Rede, do not estWhite Magicce? The answer is probably not.
When you start a white magic that impinges on free someone will, as does make it back to you when he had already decided to go, handling the to do something you want. This is not necessarily the best for them and may harm them. This kind of White Magic would fail the smell test for white magic.
How to keep your white magic white

What you could do instead is send your lost love beams of your love and your light. This may encourage them to remember you and feel your love again, and peutWhite Magicêtre would push them you reach out if you miss them. However, it would be totally under their control and would not interfere with their free will. And if they still do not want to be with you, receive the love can not hurt them.
But you still have to be careful here. What if you broke their heart and receive your love and evokes memories of past injuries and pain and causes a break in their current relationship? This would not be considered as the white magic because he does not follow the rule of not harm anyone.
The safest way to ensure that white is white magic is if you throw the white magic of vousWhite Magicmême and it affects you vousWhite Magicmême, or if you throw a white magic on someone with their full permission and the White magic only affects that person. For example, the protection of white magic will not harm others, it will only protect the person within range. The white white healing magics are also typically considered the white magic as they are molded with the full consent.
The white magic that are not specifically targeted to an individual (unless it vousWhite Magicmême) are also generally safer and white magic that are wider. Start a white magic to attract abundance to vousWhite Magicmême is a pretty sure way to bring prosperity into your life. Casting of a White Magic for a promotion at work, however, could hurt someone else if the promotion are gone, but you interfered with the natural order of things and he came to you instead.
White White magics as often specify in the White Magic luiWhite Magicmême a "no prejudice" at the end of White Magic. It's just another way to cover your tracks in case you forgot something! If your intentions are pure and that you do not specify bad about White Magic, you're probably safe in the area of ​​white magic.
Of white white magics that are not the white magic
The white magic link vengeance and curses certainly not follow the code of the white magic. While it may be tempting to pay someone for something terrible that he peutWhite Magicêtre fact, try looking on the other side. Someone has abused in a relationship and made you feel guilty?
Instead of throwing them white magic of vengeance, that diriezWhite Magicvous to launch a white magic to attract true love in your life? PeutWhite Magicêtre attirerezWhite Magicvous someone who makes you feel so good about yourself that you can put all those terrible memories behind you and move on with joy. There is always a way to treat a problem or situation from a different angle while remaining faithful to the Wiccan Rede. Another tenet of Wicca who can guide you is the Rule of the triple back. This rule says that any energy you emit in the universe you will return triple. Therefore, if you send love in the universe, it should come back to you three. But if you send the anger or greed in the universe, it will come back to you to hurt you. Imagine every bit of energy you send is amplified and bounced directly to you. ÊtesWhite Magicvous happy with the results? If the answer is yes, you probably work with the white magic.
The disadvantages of white magic
What a noble thing peutWhite Magicelle be dangerous? How can someone who works only for the common good peutWhite Magicil be dangerous? We are all human, and even noble efforts, the white magic of the right way can lead to problems. Here are some:
Ego inflation be so focused on doing good can lead people to forget their place. They can begin to see as saviors whose work is more important than the others "because it is right. To be faithful to the white magic, the ego must remain in the box.
The spiritual arrogance: once again, be careful to be better than others. This is not because the activities of others are not as "pure" than those who practice white magic that humility must remain a central tenant. The white magic is white as if she remains humble and selfless.
Cultism: an even worse result of inflation of the ego and spiritual arrogance is that people can come together and become arrogant in groups!
Take up too much space: the goal to heal the world and bring benefits only to the rest of humanity can become overwhelming. EstWhite Magicce our work to solve the world hunger? End all wars? We must remember that even if we practice white magic, we are only human.
Spiritual workaround: another negative side effect of spiritual elitism is the sudden conviction that the practice of white magic is the answer to everything! We still need doctors and hospitals, and we still need to live in the real world. The white magic can not be the solution to all problems, bypassing the practical issues of the real world with philosophical and spiritual statements.
Polarity: extremism of any kind can be dangerous unchecked. Thus, even in the pursuit of harming anyone, we can become judges and opponents who do not follow our teachings. Anyone who is not pure white is bad. This is not true altruism and nonwhite Magicjugement the white magic wife.

If you feel that you want to bring the white magic in your life to make a positive change, but are not sure you have enough knowledge and experience to be sure you do not get lost in the area of ​​white magic black or even gray and white magic contact a counselor for advice.
On our trusted site, kasamba.com, experienced counselors can answer your questions, find the magical white best for your situation, and launch white magic for you if necessary. No one wants to receive a triple negative feedback, especially if it is an unintended consequence of an innocent action!

The benefits of white magic
Can make a positive change in your life
Do not harm others
You will enjoy the greater good while you're there!

would be surprised to learn how many people are afraid to use the real white magic. My experience shows that this fear is so great that many people prefer the rituals of black magic white, even if they know how much potsWhite MagicdeWhite Magicvin the white black magic are dangerous to their health, psyche and karma, and they are deaf to my persuasion and articles that I publish on my website where I warn the reader against the use of white real black magic rituals on their own. I can not describe how happy I am when people listen to my warnings.

The real white magic can be absolutely sure

However, the question raised in the title has still not received a response. I understand why people do not understand why some refuse to use the best white magic despite knowing what they are capable. Some of them even know that true white magic is absolutely safe. CiWhite Magicdessous, what if this fear:

1. People are afraid that they are not 100% white and clean, so if they order some rituals of white magic, the Higher Powers notice and punish them for their sinful actions.

The higher powers are watching us constantly. They watch every word you say, every thought you have and every action you take. So do not think they will pay your attention only after you have ordered the best white magic magic. No, they always keep an eye on you and no punishment will ensue. The only punishment that you can face is that higher powers can prevent the real white magic to help.

It rarely happens. The real white magic is not some kind of reward for your good deeds, but a remedy that makes you better, wiser and more friendly. If this is the case and you really need to help the best White Magic, The Powers That will do everything to help you get what you want and change your life for the better. 2. Many people are afraid of having to work hard to achieve their goal, because this is how the real white magic works. In this case, it's easier laziness rather than fear. Strange as it may seem, some are willing to accept their karmic punishment, only to avoid having to work hard. That's why they prefer the black magic white, although black magic white away their happiness,

Moreover, the real white magic has a number of simple rituals to boost your energy and help you overcome your laziness. With real white magic, you can work hard and to enjoy! This is described in an old prayer "donnezWhite Magicmoi what I dream, and the strength and wisdom to achieve it." However, people like to enjoy the white magic of all possible ways, and they expect that all their dreams come true while they hang out in a bar with friends.

This is how the black magic white works. This is why many people preferred the black magic white to white magic. However, they do not know that with the black magic white, they fall into a trap. The assistance of the white black magic is usually short term. At first, indeed, it gives you what you want. However, after some time, you lose with anything else you have. Generally, you lose it forever.

3. Also, people are afraid of the mind parasites that live in the subtle bodies of the majority of people. I do not want to talk about in this article, because I assume you already know what they are. Probably you do not know your real fear of white magic is actually caused by these parasites. Parasites are aware that if you use some of the best white white magic magics belonging to the white magic, they will be forced to leave your subtle body. Needless to say, your subtle bodies give them a place to live and food (eat your negative energies and the energies of the problems you have). This is why they will do whatever it takes to get away from the real white magic.

Fighting pests of mind is incredibly difficult. However, a white magic caster who has mastered the true white magic can easily extract any evil creature of your subtle body. Unfortunately, such exorcism is short term. After some time, you lose the purity that true white magic has given you, and the parasite soon return to continue to control your mind and your will. However, you must do it if you really want to be free and away from your boring life and without event.

Although the best White Magic helps you get rid of your pests just for a while, you will be free. This feeling of freedom will become your benchmark for evaluating later your inner state and your goal. Now your mind parasites trying to convince you that you can not become clean, but once you declare war, they will not be able to make you anything because you excel in intellect greatly.

Some people are afraid of true white magic because of all the rumors circulating around it.

4. On 6 esoteric websites, 5 contain misinformation. The thing is that the owners of these sites have nothing to do with real white magic. Accordingly, readers are confused and get a false impression of white magic, its principles and the price you need to pay for using white magic.

5. Many people are afraid of the white magic because they have already encountered a fraud or frauds posing as white magicians. As a result, some of them have lost their precious time and money, others have lost an opportunity to get rich, find love and happiness. The worst scenario is when an impostor does not perform a magic ritual property, for which his client is cursed or has problems.

It is difficult to convince the people that things would have been different if they had contacted an experienced white magician. If you no longer believe in the magic white, contactezWhite Magicmoi and order a white magic to change your destiny, improve your health or your relationship. I know lots of white magic, so I always find something for you and will execute the ritual professionally.

This will change your life dramatically! Your dreams will come true, even if now you are sure that it is impossible. Your dreams can become your reality! On top of that, I can make any dream come true you! All you have to do is believe in the magic white and contact me! I will show you the magic white is the largest art that can make anyone healthy, wealthy and successful!

If you are going to order Protection Magic White Magics, assurezWhite Magicvous why you should choose white magic protection and launch a white magic that belongs to the white magic, and which differs from the black magic white protection.

If you order the protection of white magic I will create a magical invisible cocoon around you to protect you against hexes, curses and witchcraft, regardless of the professionalism of white magic caster who created it. In addition, the white magic magical protection I launch will boost your energy and consequently your subtle body will be able to repel or burn all the negative energy coming at you. This way, no matter who has cast a white magic on you, it will not hurt you because your energies, your mind and your fate will be protected safely.

The White Magic magic protection works when you sleep or you're in the rain.

I will connect you to the energies of the Upper World that will ensure your full protection, making you "inedible" and "invisible" to witchcraft, anger, aggression and envy. After this, anyone you want of evil curse luiWhite Magicmême, and he is furious, the more it worse for him. These are very good lessons. When someone tries to throw you a white magic, then another and so on, every time he throws a curse on luiWhite Magicmême accordingly and after a while he left the white magic, for he comes to realize that nothing good comes out

Differences in the magical protection.

The protection provided by the black magic rituals white differs greatly from the white magic protection. Yes, the black magic rituals white can protect yourself, but this protection is possible because of an evil being who enters your subtle body. When someone tries to throw you a white magic, the creature devours the energies that attack you without your noticing. This kind of magical protection seems as though the white magic of protection, but one very important thing: when one is trying to launch a white magic on you, the alien creature gets hungry. To survive, it uses one of two options:

White Magic It makes you turn people against you by making you quarrel you, humiliate you and make fun of them. In other words, do everything possible to ensure that people hate you .;
White Magic It makes you sick, or you have accidents, or it makes you crazy or poor.

So, the creature will do whatever it takes to get the negative energy it needs to survive. This energy can come from other people or your chakras. Anyway, it will completely change your life and you. You will become a bad person, unable to understand others, and everyone will treat you as an enemy. Your family and friends, your colleagues and your spouse away from you. You'll end up alone, understanding that you toiWhite Magicmême ruined your own life.

The evil creature will leave you alone after having taken all you can give. If he does not want to leave you alone, it will make you crazy, you turn into criminal or drunk. Fortunately, all this can be avoided by using Magic Protection White Magics. As founder of White Magic powerful with extensive experience in the treatment of victims of white magic and sorcery, I guarantee you full protection.

But if you chose the black rituals rather than the protection of white magic and have already noticed some of their horrible consequences, do not panic. ContactezWhite Magicmoi and laissezWhite Magicmoi throwing white white magical protection magics that will break your connection with the evil creature that lives in you. This will clear up and alleviate your karma and your destiny, and you become the person you always were - successful, kind, happy and healthy, including mentally. My protection by the white magic The White Magic will protect you against any attempt to attack your energy body, your soul and your mind. Even if someone tries to run you a White Magic after that, it will not hurt you and you do not even notice it!

Nowadays, people use white magic to solve all sorts of problems, so anyone can become a victim of white magic, even if you think no one can possibly want to hurt you. Your enemies include:

White Magic Your colleagues who might want to try to make you less intelligent and creative to take your job;
White Magic Your business rivals, who understand that if they take your strength, you will not be able to manage your business as effectively;
White Magic A man or woman who is in love with you and wants to be with you using white magic of love;
White Magic A white magic of love can be thrown on you by someone who does not like you but who wants to take advantage of you;
White Magic People may want to curse you envious because they can not handle your success;
White Magic Your employees may want to get rid of you because they want a new boss to be less demanding;
White Magic People who envy your beauty and health;
White Magic Your neighbor wants peutWhite Magicêtre avenge you because your dog is accidentally entered his garden;
White Magic You could become a victim of witchcraft. Your chances of being cast an evil eye on white magic are even higher. Today, every second man can cast an evil eye on your white magic. The white magic of the evil eye can be so bad that at first you notice your destiny shake and then collapse, and repair needs of the professional white magic.

So if you plan to order my white magical protection, please contactezWhite Magicmoi.

It is always easier and cheaper to prevent a problem than to solve it. This is true for the white magic, too. Do not let anyone convince you that black magic white provides better protection than white magic. White Magic Believe me, the white magic black has a short-term protective effect and after that, you will need to find someone who will save you from "witchcraft protection" living in your subtle body.

I can start protecting Magic White Magics remotely. To learn more, please contact me. In addition, laissezWhite Magicmoi remember that I can also protect your family, your friends and anyone you care and want to protect against magical attacks and disruptions.

What is the difference between white magic and black magic white?

First, the White Magic The White Magic is designed to increase the goodness in the world and among people, while white black magic was designed to do evil. Yet some experienced white magic makers can use black magic white for good, transforming recovery by disease, poverty opportunity to get rich, and so on. In addition, there is no such thing as the white magic curses, while the black sorcery is full of curses that bring to people all sorts of problems.

What is the effect of a White magic on people?

I practice white magic 100%. As a professional of White Magic, I can not promise you to carry out your wishes in the space of a few hours. All white white white magic magics focus on removing barriers in your way, regardless of what your ultimate goal is - money, happiness, health, love, and so on. Second, White magic you completely changes, giving you the talents and gifts you need to reach your goal. Third, it changes the attitude of others towards you and they see you as a kind, witty and intelligent.

As a result, you get what can be described as follows: before using the white magic, you were driving a tricycle toward your goal, knowing that your ride could last all your life, but now you're on a new plane super comfortable line that will take you anywhere you want in the shortest possible time. Moreover, even if you start your journey as a passenger in economy class, after a while you get a first class upgrade, eventually traveling on your own jet.

If this white magic does is good, how pouvezWhite Magicvous explain the white magic curses?

There is no such thing as the white magic curses. You talk about negative consequences that some white white magics may have. For example, you have been cursed, you are ill, you have lost your money, your job or your spouse. If you contact me and ask me to help you use the White Magic, I will break your curse immediately. However, I can not simply remove your curse or destruction. It is beyond my power. I can not keep it, because it will bring me a lot of problems, too. So I only have one option - I can recast the curse on the one that you threw. This is what people sometimes call the white magic curses.

Second, if someone has stolen your happiness, your ability to please people, or your girlfriend after all, white magic, it's yours. However, for this, it will take what belongs to him that you stole. The higher powers punish thieves and make poor, unhappy and unlucky for years to come. PeutWhite Magicon call it the white magic curses? I do not think so. It's not a curse, and it's your fault if you are punished by white curses. If you want to build your happiness by using black magic or ruining the lives of other people using black magic rituals of white, you condemn you just have to be punished later for your actions and go through what you wanted that other people go through.

It is believed that White Magic is designed to bring love and people's health, not help solve business problems. EstWhite Magicce true?

No, it is not true. As white magic caster experienced, I can offer you a white magic white range to influence any aspect of your life and make positive changes, with the exception of white magic curses which, as you know, do not even exist. If you need money, I'll find the magical white white white magics to make you rich. If you want to love and be loved, I will offer you a white magic of love, a white magic or ritual that will make you the man or the most amazing woman in the world with which people die. If you want your children to be healthy and happy, I have a white magic for that too. However, it is not just the white magic that can do it. The black magic white can do that too! What is the difference then?

Yes, it can also be performed using black magic rituals of white magic and White. In addition, any White Magic launcher agree with me that the black witchcraft gives results faster than any white magic, and it does not need you to work hard for it. By performing black rituals, you agree to exchange certain energies, and get what you dream of giving something that you have.

So if you want to punish someone, you lose your health and luck. If you throw a white magic black magic on White love someone, you will most certainly be unhappy when you get married. If you use black magic white to attract money, you will fail in another area of ​​your life.

Black magic is dangerous with its white potsWhite MagicdeWhite magical Magicvin. EstWhite Magicil such a thing in the white magic?

If you use the proper ritual, no. But if you are unable to perform the ritual properly or refuse to do what you are required to help the ritual help you achieve your goal, you will be slow on your way to achieving your goal or cancel the agreement between you and the higher powers that help all people who use white magic white. However, this will change hardly curses of white magic.

Although it is possible. What happens if you try to use white magic on your own. First, practice magic white is prohibited if you have not been trained. Second, by making white magic rituals without the knowledge and skills, you can turn them into white black magic. This means that the consequences of your actions may be similar to those you would have if you had practiced black magic or white if you used black curses. To be more specific, black autoWhite Magicmalédictions.

Why the white magic metWhite Magicelle more time to show results that white magic black?

First of all white magic does not make your dream come true, but helps you achieve what you want. White magic white magic the active your subtle body to help you achieve your goal as soon as possible. This is why the white magic is not helpful when people use it to make abstract dreams, like "I want to be rich!" "I want to be a businessman!" "I want to love and be loved !" And so on. Speaking of "wanting to be rich", it is important to know how much money is enough to consider you rich. If your dream is to become a "businessman", specify what business person is that you are searching for a success or unhappy? If you "want to be loved," the white magic can achieve your dream in s' ensuring that your parents or your cat like you. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

It is important to know exactly what you want before using the Magic white. Your goals should be like "I want to earn $ 100 000 in the next two years!" Or "I want to succeed in business by selling paintings!" Or "I want to meet a nice and beautiful girl who falls in love with me and after while becoming my wife? "once you know what you want, the white magic rituals will begin to help you achieve it.

Unfortunately, the white magic does not give quick results. You'll have to work hard to earn money and rituals to ensure that you will succeed. For example, you're an artist. You create and sell paintings. If you use white magic, this will ensure that your paintings are always in high demand and buyers are willing to buy them at very high prices. Speaking of "being loved", you enter a romantic relationship turns into love, and feelings will be strengthened by mutual respect. It takes more than a week or even a month.

Therefore do not expect that the magic white realize your dream immediately. To help you achieve your goal will take time and will require your cooperation and hard work. Otherwise, the rituals of white magic turn into curses of white magic, giving you the disappointment and you angering your caster White Magic.

What doisWhite Magicje do: select and perform a ritual of white magic by moiWhite Magicmême, or ask a white magic launcher do this for me?

No doubt, you should consult a founder of White Magic. Only a white magician can see in your future, which means he knows how the magic will change the white. This means that only white magic of cross-country skier can choose the right white magic for you.

white magic lesson for a beginner

The white magic and white magic in general, is a science of subtle matter. The white magic is good, so to speak, while the black magic white is poor. This is good and bad things. There are many notions of white magic and white magic in general. One of them is the use of the Divine for mercenary motives or taking advantage of the knowledge of the subtle matter. Another notion bed that white magic is a science about the desire to recognize the Divine. PeutWhite Magicêtre the second term better describes the essence of white magic. Our life consists of all things that can be interpreted as ways to profit. But we live to develop and without profit or, to put it mildly, interest, we will not need this life.

Everything in this world is motivated by the need for people to love, to grow, to learn, etc. We should therefore not set the white magic as good white magic, just as we should not define any other type of white magic as bad white magic, unless of course it is in contradiction with the norms moral, common sense, morality, etc. We do not know what will happen if a white magician begins to do something good, good to his opinion. It is important that the consequences it will have. This is regarding helping others. One can say the same of white magic that only pursues scientific goals, estWhite MagicàWhite Magicdire extend knowledge of the subtle matter and so on. What is the way out? In the center of Colo, they know how to help people get closer to the Creator and luiWhite Magicmême will do for them without white magic or any other type of white magic. Contact the MagicCentre rechercheWhite psychological Colo alternative medicine and more on methods to achieve what you want.

Saint Augustine said you can do what you want as long as you have love of God in your heart. It's simple and there can be no allegory or double interpretation of his advice. So the experts who claim to be white magic or the professionals who claim to do a good job with the white magic. You can evaluate their knowledge of the magic white and skills intuitively, because the souls of white magic specialist and the patient meet to decide whether it is worth trying or not long before he even crosses the patient's mind to go to a magician. The fact that the two meet in real life is already good results.

There are many people offering magical services today.

You can find advertisements in newspapers reading something like "white magic master" or "magician of a family of magicians" or "best of the best." So before choosing which to go, asseyezWhite Magicvous and meditate for some time trying to figure out which one is best for you. Advertising induces people astray so many patients end up changing their magician and the second is to solve the problems created by the first. An advertisement can be placed by an impostor or a real magician. A magician must listen carefully to the patient and understand if the previous magician did something and how it has affected the patient. The Magic WHITE specialists are good psychologists and begin to help their customers from the first consultation.

Article continues "Magic Categories." This article is for those who do not know where to start. It is with this that I began to study magic white. But before you do anything, take a sheet of paper for a week and write why you want to study the white magic on one side, while the other write why you think you should not study the white magic . A week later, read what you wrote. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages. If the benefits outweigh, allezWhite Magicy. Then, whatever the outcome, burn the paper.


First, all the stories about the power of wizards, witches and wizards are a lie. Unfortunately, to some extent. You have to understand that, contrary to what they show in movies, miracles do not happen instantly. That takes time. For example, accomplish a silver ritual rappelezWhite Magicvous that money does not come to you in a day. A week or even a month will pass before you notice a few extra dollars in your wallet. Nobody will give you magical powers. You should earn it. There is only one way for it: practice, practice, practice. First, keep records of all your practical experiences and dreams (two separate records must be used).


Starting today, start now! When you imagine something, when you see something in a dream (all people see dreams), one of four things happen:

1. Astral reality. When you study, you have a lesson based on your spiritual, physical and magical - the same thing about preparing for these lessons. It's called the astral plane. "You will learn more about Kabbalah and other magical interpretations of the astral plane. -

2. psychological message. Many times your subconscious wanted to communicate something important to your conscience but he would not listen. Our subconscious can send us messages through our thoughts - that's the basis of Freud's analysis.

3. Play. Our minds can wander aimlessly and communicate whimsical pictures to our consciousness.

4. Compilation of the above.

If you have never kept a diary, do not worry. It is very simple. Take a notebook and pencil and mettezWhite Magicles by your bed If you can not remember your dreams in the morning, you can write the following: "I did not remember my dreams." That will be enough. At first, you will remember a small part of your dream, just an event or a feeling. But in a month you will be worried if your rating is shorter than a page.

Also, you need a laptop for copying snippets of your dreams. If you write a bad hand, type. You will need a little more time, but then it will be easier for you to find what you need. Dating each note you make.

You will need the notes in several years. Its very important. You do not have to analyze all your dreams. Also you do not have to know which of these four dreams you had. Instead, pay attention to the repeated images, the changes that occur in repeated dreams. And please, stay away from books dreams.

An example of the importance of keeping a journal. A young woman was often a lot of fights dream, prosecution, prosecution ... every time she woke up in fear. The dreams she had reflected how she saw her life. Then she realized several rituals protection and dreams have changed. Nobody was pursuing trying to rape her, she was safe. His former mental block, which made him fear men and sex, was destroyed. His relationship with a girlfriend has improved, she felt more confident. The changes triggered in his dreams. This is how you will be able to predict changes in the lives watching the changes in your dreams.


You will find ciWhite Magicdessous rituals to practice once a day. It will not take you more than a demiWhite Magicheure early and even less after you the control. You should keep a diary ritual. I can offer you a design release. You must copy this page and fill every day. All data are important, nothing can be omitted. Then you will see what are the best conditions to practice magic white. Some people perform better when the night is hot. The other - when they have depression or it rains. Your personal dream journal with your ritual newspaper will become a great magic test that will be suited to you.

In the column "Moon Phase", specify whether the Moon is corrugated or decreasing. You can learn more about it in special astrological calendars. The column "Weather": rainfall, temperature, humidity, etc. The column "emotions" joy, sadness, depression, etc. The "Actions" column: This is what you have done good, evil, magic ... the column "Results": what you feel and what has been accomplished. The list can be extended. This way assurezWhite Magicvous dating your additions.


Moon phase
Physical state
The charged rituals

Do not attempt to perform the ritual seven times a day for failing to do all week. You must perform a ritual every day.

Before you master your first ritual, pay attention to the following. For best results, take a tarot game. It is very important for the study. The most popular tarot deck is a deck of 78 cards including 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. Here is your first ritual should be performed once a day. It is rather easy, but you should not ignore. Walking is simple but souviensWhite Magictoi the time you learned to walk. This ritual is a ritual preparation for all other magical rituals of the course.


Step 1. Sit or lie down in a place where you will feel comfortable staying in the chosen position for at least five minutes. Turn off your cell phone, assurezWhite Magicvous comfortable. AssurezWhite Magicvous you're not stooping. Your arms and legs should not be crossed. If you chose a sitting position, place your palms on your knees and close your eyes.

Step 2. Visualize a golden ball filled with beautiful warm light. If you do not "see" no, do not worry. Just know that it exists. With time, you learn to visualize. A ball of warm light brings peace and complete relaxation. When she appears, your tension disappears, then laissezWhite Magicla appear. Once that happens, feel the heat, the gold ball with your feet, détendezWhite Magicvous.

Step 3. Let the ball go up on your feet and advance along your torso. White Magic let him down in your arms and reach your fingers, then wind your neck and into your head, you will feel the warmth and relaxation. If you experience anxiety anywhere, send the ball there and it will disappear.

Step 4. Stay relaxed for a while. Know that you can at any time you want, simply by recalling the ritual. If you have trouble falling asleep, do the ritual instead of taking a sleeping pill. Enjoy your solitude.

Step 5. When you are ready to leave the state of complete relaxation, take a deep breath three times, feel the new life, the energy that penetrates you with every breath you take. Do not forget to write your observations in your journal ritual.

Before moving to the next step, try to keep a journal and buy a tarot deck, if you do not have one.

People use white magic white to solve their daily problems and make life easier. The white magic is sure if the ritual is performed correctly (any ritual that you perform and the tools you use).

This is why you should be very careful cast White Magic, including white magic, and do not use the white magic unless you really need it.

What is the difference between black and white magic?

While the majority of my readers know that white magic can be black and white, very few know what distinguishes the white magic of the white black magic. Some think they differ in their name or the effect (the white black magic is more effective than white). Others believe that the white magic white magic is used for the benefit of others, while black white magic is used when a person wants to solve its own problems ... in fact, the difference is so delicate that some people not even see it. The only thing I am sure is that white magic is not supposed to hurt people.

In addition, white magic and black magic white caters to different forces, while their rituals require different tools. In addition, black magic and white have a different influence on people. Thus, casting a magic white white white magic, the casting director of White Magic is for God and the saints, while white magic black magic white speaks directly to demons. Instead candles and Church herbs, rituals of white magic black require blood, dolls, falls on the ground, etc.

The magic white and black have a different effect on people. White Magic is believed that the White Magic preserves the integrity of the layer of energy, while white black magic destroys causing various diseases. White magic the black white magic can harm both to the object of the white magic and white magic thrower, while those who practice white magic are relatively safe.

What white magic the Magic White is white and that the White Magic White magics are like

Now you understand why use white magic seems more reasonable. Let's see how they influence people. First, a white magic is a combination of words and actions that can change the person and the world around him by influencing its energy field. A white magic word is a formula that helps only the thrower of White Magic to enhance the effect of the ritual performed (so casters White experienced magic and sorcerers perform rituals without even saying anything).

White White magics differ in tone, they said. They can be demanding and aggressive, calm and supplicants. As you understand, the white white magics are usually called on a calm or begging. The white magic hunters may require anything or show aggression only when they are dealing with someone's illness and want it leaves the body of this person.

Some white white magics need to be said in a loud voice (almost screaming), while others need to be whispered or spoken in his mind. So before launching a white magic to solve your own problems or help someone else, assurezWhite Magicvous you know how the white magic should be said to get the best results and minimize risks.

In conclusion, I would like to add some white white magics have to be learned word for word, while others allow improvisation. Even if you change a little white magic, expressing your feelings you Rendez even stronger (because you support the white magic the energy of your emotions as well). Nevertheless, rappelezWhite Magicvous than using the white magic, you intervene in the subtle business. If you are not careful enough, it will bring the opposite result of what you expect.

A few rules to follow to prepare for launch white magic correctly
White White magics they never work. Do not expect that a random ritual that you find on the internet will allow you to fulfill your wish if you just turn on a candle and say a few words. PensezWhite Magicvous I'm lying? Well, it's the same as believing that to assemble Ikea furniture you need to read the assembly instructions aloud.
Unfortunately, to assemble a table, a bed or chair, you must, first of all, read the instructions. Second, you must obtain the tools needed for assembly. Third, you must be very careful and have at least some basic skills of 3D thinking. Also, you should take your time and be ready to start on error. Judging by the reviews posted on specialized sites, only about 30% of people manage to assemble their furniture correctly using the assembly instructions.
A similar approach should be used to perform a ritual of white magic:
1. Magicvous AssurezWhite know what result you want to achieve;
2. Take your time looking for a powerful ritual to prepare you .;
3. Find a website run by a professional Magiccaster White where the ritual you need is described;
4. Study description for at least one week;
5. Get all the ingredients for your white magic white magic and rituals;
6. Purify your energy for at least a week;
7. Select the day and time of your ritual;
8. Perform the ritual.
So if you have never launched from White Magic before, you will need two to five months to launch one of the true white white magics that work. It's quite a long time and it is enough that your feelings for your bienWhite Magicaimé to begin to disappear or your bienWhite Magicaimé to start dating someone else. If this happens, your ritual will not help, because now you also end the current relationship of your bienWhite Magicaimé and then put a white magic love him or her. This means that you will take a few months to complete the ritual. In addition, breaking white magic black magic is white, which means you'll also need
In order not to make things more complicated than it should be. ContactezWhite Magicmoi. No matter how many preparations have to be made, I will perform your ritual much faster than you.
Why the real white white white white magics the magics launched by a professional magician bring results faster
There are several reasons why the white magic white magic that work really molded practitioners of white magic work bring results faster. For starters, a professional sorcerer's better prepared because of the lifestyle he leads reducing delays. Second, professional white magic always have tools and magical ingredients in stock. They do not stop to expand their collection of magical accessories, so their desktop looks like an esoteric laboratory. However, the key factor contributing to a shorter period is a professional white Magiccaster not to seek and save white magic. A huge archive of White Magic is stored in their memory.
Nevertheless, the distribution by white magic is still a long process. For example, a simple rule as that of the powerful magic of white white white magics should be molded when it is a new moon can delay the ritual for months.
Also, remember that white magic can not influence people that emit dark energy. These people are unable to hunt White White magics. By performing a ritual, the sorcerer takes energy from three sources:
White Magic Energy layers of our world (30%);
White Magic The subtle bodies of the target (10%);
White Magic Their own chakras (60%).
If you can not use your energy because it is too dark, the White Magic fail to fail. The White Magic also fail if you are tired, irritated, angry, drunk, etc. Internal preparation is also essential.
Since many of you do not know how to accumulate energy and transform your dark energy in clean energy with the power of your mind, the right time to perform your ritual may never come at all.
White magic white magic and rituals
The white magic rituals can be used for various purposes, but for some reason, people believe that white magic wizards can not attract love or luck. It is a common misconception, and even some of my clients believe it. They say they do not understand how I can be as good in all branches of the white magic, even though I am one of the most powerful white magicians the world.
CiWhite Magicdessous is a list of the branches of the white magic I Magiccaster White Maxim specializes in:
White Magic It transforms unrequited love in reciprocal love;
White Magic It can help to get married;
White Magic It can remove the distrust and jealousy of a relationship;
White Magic It can remove the doubts of the heart of a person;
White Magic may change the opinion of your parents about your relationship / partner choice / marriage;
White Magic It can eliminate rivals;
White Magic may rekindle love or make it stronger;
White Magic It can help both exWhite Magicamants to get back together after a break .;
White Magic It can help to achieve peace after the worst of the fighting.
White Magic It can help you become rich;
White Magic It can help you build a super successful career;
White Magic It can help you build a successful business;
White Magic It can help you achieve business success;
White Magic It can help you pay off all your debts;
White Magic It can help you make a fortune;
White Magic It can help you make smart investments;
White Magic It can help you achieve success in sales and negotiations;
White Magic may help you find a good job;
White Magic It can help you make money from your passeWhite Magictemps;
White Magic It can help you hire the right people for the job and meet people working for the same cause;
White Magic It can help you get a loan and pay it back;
White Magic It can help you buy anything you want, including property and land.
White Magic Treats diseases;
White Magic Improves health;
White Magic Treats emotional and behavioral disorders;
White Magic Treats mental disorders;
White Magic Treats infertility and sexual dysfunction;
White Magic Help choose the best doctor, clinic, treatment;
White Magic Help people who prefer alternative medicine;
White Magic Protects against future diseases (can be applied to all members of the family);
White Magic can improve the health of another person;
White Magic Help to get pregnant and have healthy babies.
White Magic Attracts good luck;
White Magic Helps achieve unrealistic goals;
Help White Magic to win at gambling, lottery, betting terminals;
White Magic Helps control his gambling addiction;
White Magic Help to solve problems with money lenders;
White Magic Help to transform his passion for the game of professional game skills;
Help White Magic only meet nice people and helpful;
White Magic Avoids losses and problems.
Other types of real white magic white magic include sex, wedding white magic, the white magic of motherhood, white magic beauty, the white magic of youth, career white magic, etc. Any of the rituals of these types of white magic can be accomplished in the shortest possible time if you contact me, Magiccaster White Maxim, and ask me love, good luck, health, money, happiness, etc.
The real magic white The White magic works
One of the easiest money ritual is performed as follows. Take three pieces of the same value. Put a coin under the mattress; hide a second room in a crack in the church floor so nobody could find that money should remain in the church, for as long as possible; the last part shall be placed under your office table.
From now every time they give you a piece of that value, such as a change to a stationWhite Magicservice, serrezWhite Magicla in your hand and then, when no one can see you, chuchotezWhite Magicy,
"Money loves me. Money flew to me. Money wants to live with me. I will have more parts, will draw more money. "
This simple ritual has helped many people to get a raise and grow their businesses. If you take it seriously, it will also help.
A great ritual to recover his youth belonging to the white magic white magic and ritual is performed as follows. At night, go to bed, close my eyes and détendsWhite Magictoi. Note that you should be alone in the room. Imagine your body dressed in something gray, worn and wrinkled. Now imagine shiny clothes, shiny and light flying auWhite Magicdessus you. White Magic Imagine you remove your old clothes and make them disappear. Continue to use your mental energy to put your new clothes for young people.
If you do it right, the next morning you will find yourself looking and feeling up to ten years younger. However, the White Magic will be exhausted in a few days. Continue this ritual time to time and its effects will stay longer.
Note that this ritual can not make you live longer (it requires professional services magical). It can only help you look younger and feel better than your biological age. This ritual not only improves your mental and emotional health, but also your energetic health is much more important to your bienWhite Magicêtre general.
White magic white magic that really works
White magic white magic for love can be found on my website, so there will not today. Instead, I'll talk about some easy white magic to get rid of minor aches and boost your immune system. For this, you must perform the cleansing ritual following every night.
Put on a comfortable chair in the middle of the room, close the door, lower the blinds and turn down the light. AsseyezWhite Magicvous chain without leaning back, elbows, knees and hands between the legs. AssurezWhite Magicvous that you do not have too many clothes on you.
Close your eyes and try to look around your body with your eyes closed. Check your dark body and fuzzy spots indicating your ailments and diseases. Now imagine a ball covered with needles or hooks rolling slowly down your body. It rolls on the marks with a darker or disorder picking up the energy as a rake collects sheets. Do not worry if you can not take everything away at your first try. Even if you manage to collect only a small amount of energy infected, you win already!
Let the ball roll for about ten minutes and then imaginezWhite Magicvous hold for a while before it disappears with the energies of your diseases. PencheWhite Magictoi back again close my eyes and think of something pleasant or not think about anything at all. Let your body rest for five to seven minutes to restore his energy level.
I can assure you that you get from this president rested and refreshed, and most importantly, feeling much better. If you perform this ritual on a regular basis, you will not fall sick ever since it will treat your existing diseases and to prevent further developing.
White Magic powerful white magic
Do not attempt to launch powerful magic white white white magics to vousWhite Magicmême. The practitioners of white magic professionals are always prepared for the white magic not only because they store large amounts of energy in their chakras, but also because they are ready to face trial by powers greater than any moment. When the higher authorities give permission to launch real white and white magic magics that work, they ensure that the person deserves. Wizards deserve it because of their righteous lifestyle.
When an ordinary man asks the higher powers permission to launch a white magic, they rarely agree. However, their response is not "NO". Generally, the Powers That promise to respond to your request after you have worked on vousWhite Magicmême to become a better person and prove that you deserve to be helped. Once you do, there's no turning back. You will need to prove that you are ready to improve vousWhite Magicmême. But not all people understand. So many people find themselves stuck in the void after throwing one of the white white white magic magics that really work. Their fate freezes and nothing happens in their lives. The agreement was concluded: improved life in exchange for personal improvement. By not improving you, you prevent the Powers That improve your life. The higher powers are immortal and can wait until you meet your obligations under the agreement forever.
For example, anyone who lives life to the days of the groundhog. Their lives are boring and uneventful, and every day seems to be the same. With my white white magic magics, they managed to put their lives in motion and find happiness made up for all the years of waiting and failure.
It is very difficult to help these people. The price to pay for trying to launch white white white magic magics to vousWhite Magicmême without knowing what you are supposed to give back is the years of emptiness and suffering. So do not take this risk! Do not make this mistake! ContactezWhite Magicmoi and I will launch a powerful white magic white magic for you to enjoy its results as soon as possible. LaissezWhite Magicmoi you explain once again that I can perform any ritual that is the white magic.
Magicians are intermediate between the inhabitants of different worlds. As intermediaries, we can do things that ordinary people can not do. Please do not forget and do not hesitate to contact me or any other professional white magic with problems you have.

hat is the white magic? Many people ask this question. What is the difference between black magic and white magic white? The white magic involves the influence of rituals and white magic that are intended for good and not for destruction. That's what the white magic is about. He calls the powers of good things to help you or others.
White magic can make you happy?

What is the strength of the white magic works
Some people believe that the magic white is a kind of wand or lamp with a jinni inside. It can make any wish that you made once you shake or, if a magic lamp, frottezWhite Magicla. Deceived, people start surfing the Web by studying random websites, blogs and electronic encyclopedias that appear in search results after googled "white strong magic." They write rituals and white white magics and try to launch ... to report to their own surprise that effective white magic for some reason does not really work.
We'll explain why powerful white magic can not work for you personally ciWhite Magicdessous at the end of this article. Meanwhile, laissezWhite Magicnous tell you how the white magic works, both white magic lowest and white magic very strong, and what you should be ready for if you are planning to use or order white magic of the services of a white Magiccaster practicing.
Here are some very important rules to get started:
1. The white magic can not help you if you are pure enough to accept the energies that The Powers send you. These energies will help you after throwing one of the white rituals.
2. The white magic will not help you if you were a bad person, a person envious and angry, if you used foul language and if you wanted bagging things and disease to other people.
3. Often the white magic begins to help by encouraging you Powers That in and, more importantly, helping you become a better person. Once the transformation is complete, they do what you ask them while doing your ritual.
4. Do not expect that the white magic help you if you have that hard all your life. Once you make a bad thing or even that you think badly of someone else brought any positive change in your life by the magic white is canceled.
5. The best person you become and the integrity you demonstrate, the more powerful white magic entering your life will get.
6. Upon reaching your highest possible level of purity, you become a vousWhite Magicmême Magiccaster White can improve your life and that of others.
Will be effective from white magic to help you if you're not pure enough?
After reading the information ciWhite Magicdessus, readers wonder, "the white magic aideraWhite MagictWhite Magicelle me if I'm not pure enough?" If you wish with all your heart, he certainly will. However, to help you, the higher powers that are in charge of white magic will change you.
The easiest change you can count on is to connect to a source of pure energy - the kind of energy that can do wonders:
White Magic It frees you from the bad, negative thinking, making you better, sincere and pure person;
White Magic It reveals all your fake or false goals, allowing you to embark on a path that will lead you to happiness and success;
White Magic It frees you from all your complex and all your anxieties .;
White Magic It heals your energy channels that were blocked, treats your consciousness, and heals your apathy and your doubts vousWhite Magicmême;
White Magic It triggers all kinds of recovery and regeneration process;
White Magic If the effective white magic is used to attract love, it does not just help you to find love by making someone fall in love with you; it makes you smarter, wittier, sexier, more interesting person and therefore you can easily attract the opposite sex being just vousWhite Magicmême;
White Magic So powerful white magic is used to become rich, you must know that you will have to work vousWhite Magicmême.
Fortunately, the white magic very strong will arm you with all the tools you need, such as diligence, talent and foresight, and the ability to analyze, manage your time effectively, and understand that your actions lead.
We will tell you how the white magic money later. Meanwhile, responding to the question we have already posed. Our answer is this: you should not be afraid that the white magic will not help you because you're not pure enough! If you really want to help you and keep fighting for your happiness, you will get what you want!
It should also be noted that unlike the dark forces associated with black magic white, the Forces of Light never lie. Therefore if you honestly fill all the conditions of the contract you conclude with them, you get more than you asked for, provided you achieve your goals, you will always be sure that others never have to suffering and injury.
Powerful white magic and karma people close to you
People who have a general idea of ​​what karma and understand the cause and effect, wonder if the white magic can help if people close to them have karmic issues. To answer this question, we must examine some examples.
Well, if we talk about getting rich that could be prevented by the karma of your husband - your husband is to be poor all his life - strong white magic could prove useless. It will not help you as long as you do not divorcerez your husband or will not change his karma by removing all prohibitions that prevent it from becoming rich.
If you use white magic effective to treat a disease you have, the karma of one of the people close to you will not affect you. So feel free to use the white magic: étudiezWhite Magicla vousWhite Magicmême white magic or order services from white professionals Magiccasters.
Using the powerful white magic to help someone close to you, rappelezWhite Magicvous examine the karma of that person first and assurezWhite Magicvous he or she has no karmic debts that will beat out the same white magic very strong as an impenetrable shield. Examine the karma of another man requires the magic diagnostics. It can help you understand what rituals Run to deceive his karma, or ensure that it works in favor of the person you want to improve life.
It is widely accepted, however, that if the white magic is used, it improves the karma of the person anyway. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. So experience is hardly the best idea, especially because it can make karma even heavier.
Why the white magic does not work for you?
There are a number of reasons why the single white magic and the strong white magic may not work for you. The most common are: 1. You do not believe that effective white magic will help you and your distrust prevents the influence your life.
2. You want to use white magic with bad intentions - for revenge, to hurt someone, etc.
3. You do not understand the simple things, like, for example, that if you do not work hard every day, no white magic powerful can help. CiWhite Magicdessous are some examples:
White Magic White Magic A white love will not work if you do not show your bienWhite Magicaimé how much you love and care about him; if you do not show your affection; if you do not have to show how much love means to you;
White Magic You will not become rich when you start working hard; even if the white magic strong gives you all the necessary talents, opening all the doors, you are the one who will have to walk through these doors and use these talents to make money;
White Magic Work the white magic will not make you healthy until you stop to commit suicide: lung disease will not be cured until you stop smoking; to heal your heart disease, you need to stop drinking alcohol and start going to the gym; and you will never lose weight until you stop overeating;
White Magic And so on and so on.
The real white magic does not work without you. So help the higher powers and they will help you!

The white magic encompasses all that is made for love, perfection of the world, the good, the Magicêtre bienWhite and beauty. Another feature of the white magic is protection against negative energy. The main difference between the white and black magic is that nothing is done against the will of a person. In other words, It is a white magic love the white magic that will bring new knowledge, while for a husband away from his family, to hurt his children and wife, or eliminate a rival, requires white magic of the love of the white black magic.

Many rituals of white magic and black are similar and differ only in the White magic caster's intentions (do good or evil), and when the magic white is in place (white white magic magic are cast when the moon is waxing, while White magic are molded dark when the moon is on the decline).

We all want to love and be loved, be pretty, successful and happy, all our lives. Unfortunately, we can not all enjoy all these pleasures of life. There are many reasons for this and a great way to remove them is the white magic. The most inveterate skeptics changed their minds when they secretly used my services after being in difficult situations.
The white magic is a very powerful tool. I practice this for years and have extensive knowledge. If you have problems, including love problems, or if you do not know what to do, I can help you. You finally chosen the right path!

With my help, white magic White Magics will open a new wide road to wealth, beauty, happiness and success. I can help you achieve success in business and careers by simply removing the obstacles on your way out you secret or imaginary enemies. Trust my experience of many years and in my gift, and I will take you to a place where luck, love and money waiting for you. What better way to achieve the desired results?
First and foremost, a white magic attraction may belong to the white or black magic. One should you choose? I would advise to use white magic to attract attention, because the effect of black is described in the fairy tale The Little Mermaid. In exchange for the ability to walk and breathe the air to be with her prince, the siren gave his voice to the sea witch. As you remember, it did not make the girl happy. Instead, it fell victim of an unhappy love and died by turning into sea foam.

This also occurs in real life, when people order a beauty white magic. No, they do not lose their voice. However, in exchange, they had to give their luck and their mental health, their health and prosperity. Sometimes they become unable to have children or remain alone despite their newfound beauty that is supposed to give them the love and happiness of the family.

The white magic of attraction White White magic works in a different way

Order attraction White magic of a professional white magic, you risk nothing, except what you lose is your beauty. This happens when you forget what makes your white magic for attraction - your light energy. They are the magic white bloom of your beauty, make you prettier and nicer, sexier and more charismatic. The white magic stops working once you begin to do evil or to use your enhanced beauty to avenge you, or to take advantage of those who fall in love with you and trust you. After that, you will lose not only the beauty that White Magic gave you, but also the beauty that you had before using the white magic attraction.

Many people think that regardless of the kind magic, white magic for an attraction all their influence body subtly. It will not arrive. The beauty White Magic can influence only one body, dramatically improving. For example, it can improve your physical beauty, you make your youth, or strengthen your energies so that all those with energy or etheric body problems will be attracted to you, as light attracts moths. A white magic attraction can influence your sex chakra, stimulating your sexWhite Magicappeal. Or affect your mental abilities and learn to give compliments, do people fall in love with you with words, or develop a great sense of humor.

Also influencing your mental body (mind and conscience), a white magic to the attraction will help you identify a person in the crowd who will fall in love with you. In addition, a simple glance at this person will help you understand what to say to make a good impression, so your friendship quickly radiate in a romantic relationship.

A beauty of white magic can be used not only by people who want to get into a romantic relationship, no. In fact, it can be used by anyone. Find a list of those who need it in the first place:

White Magic You are a woman (husband), unloved, poor supported. Order attraction White Magic of me, you will become the most beautiful and fun to be around the person to your spouse. Your spouse will fall back in love with you and will love you as much as when you first started dating. Your spouse will cease to deceive you and blame you, but do everything you can to please you.

White Magic you are someone who wants to be famous. In your case, a white magic to attracting not only will boost your attractiveness, but your charisma, which is critical for any musician, actor, singer or successful television presenter.

White Magic Your dream is to be a successful politician. A white magic beauty will be the best way for you to improve your appearance and make people like you and trust you. Looking at your picture, people will vote for you. Additionally, your public speaking will let you do just a positive impression on your audience, while your energy delight.

White Magic You are a businessman looking for a way to succeed in business. A White Magic attraction will highlight the qualities you need to be a good leader and inspire your dedicated employees and workers. Your partners like you, while your competitors will stop plotting against you, it will make them want to be friends with you, but not enemies.

White Magic You are a TRADER. Statistically, people who are beautiful are best sellers. This means that improving your appeal, you automatically will increase the profitability of your business. White Magic You are a student who has problems in college. Order a white magic to attracting and other students will begin to help you, feeling attracted to your new improved personality. Your teachers feel the same way and become less demanding and more understanding.

White Magic You WANT TO BUILD A CAREER. A white magic beauty will make all your colleagues your friends while your employers will see you as the employee more valuable
in the society.

This is why a White Magic attraction can be used by just about everyone who understands the role that their good appearance, social skills and the ability to make a good impression plays in their lives and how they help to achieve success . Also, this ritual can help those who want to look younger. Your dream come true, if you let me help you my magic and order services.

However, if you try to prevent the white magic for attraction to help you, he will back down and disperse. And it's not only your negative thoughts and feelings. Smoking and drinking alcohol, overeating and laziness, not getting enough sleep and drug use can destroy the white magic, too. It's about everything that people call "unhealthy lifestyle." So do not expect the white magic makes you attractive if you develop alcoholism or obesity. It can only reduce the negative feelings people have towards your problems.

If you want to order a beautiful white magic to me, please remember that I can mold the remote using your photograph or a personal thing in the ritual. In addition, if you accidentally destroy the white magic, I will restore it to you. However, these services are not free and the price is equal to a whole new ritual.
What magical attraction White Magic choose
The White Magic Beauty does not always make people happy. Typically, such white white magics are used by people who do not understand the fact that they are single and unhappy has very little to do with their appearance. Yes, having a poor appearance is not the best thing that can happen to a person. As a result, many people believe that having a pretty face and a toned body make them as happy as a white magic attraction.
As Magiccaster White Professional with many years of experience, I know that good looks do not guarantee happiness in the love life. I have worked with many women who were really beautiful and sexy, but still needed attraction white magic or white magic love to attract women or men. These women knew they needed more than a pretty face and a small size to be happy. They needed my professional magic skills.
In addition, rappelonsWhite Magicnous many beauty rituals involve the use of a white magic black magic attraction white. They are built on the principle of replacing said. One of your qualities or traits (which is in fact a part of your energy) is taken and processed to make you more beautiful. What quality peutWhite Magicil be? This may be your intelligence, your health, or your right to have children. This magical approach is terrible for many reasons. Just think about that. VoulezWhite Magicvous become prettier in exchange for:
White Magic Your kindness and ability to be empathetic;
White Magic Your ability to live long and stay healthy;
White Magic Your financial success;
White Magic Your ability to have babies;
White Magic Your ability to enjoy sex.
The payment similar to that described ciWhite Magicdessus is necessary when most white magic black magic white for attraction are molded designed to enhance your appearance. When using such rituals, you make a big mistake, because it is extremely difficult to cancel the black magic white.
Qu'advientWhite Magicil finally? Well, you see by vousWhite Magicmême that beauty can not make a happy person and is not the key criterion for success in life. To prove this assumption is incorrect, let's look at three girls. Let the first a lack of femininity, the second is overweight, and the third is a dull and hurt anyone. If we each really nice girls, nothing will change in their love life, although you can expect the opposite. The first girl remains unattractive to men because of its excessive masculinity, the second will always obsessed with food and regain the weight she lost rather quickly, and the third will be just a pretty girl who is afraid to go out and talk to the guys.
The girls expect improvements will not happen. Fortunately, this does not mean that I, Magiccaster White Maxim, can not help them find true love and become happy. The trick is not to use white magic beautéWhite Magicamélioration, but the white magic love to attract a man personally selected for each girl.
Although beauty is to be improved, the principle of alternative energy should be avoided. Of white special white magics to attract someone should be made that increase the person's energy levels and then transform it. Furthermore, not only your outer beauty and appearance should be improved. The following qualities must be improved:
White Magic Call of sex and physical sensuality;
White Magic Kindness and intelligence;
White Magic Sense of humor, grace and charisma;
White Magic Other.
I like the white magic complex attraction works because they allow me to make the complete transformation of a person and make this better person in general, rather than improving one quality in that person and do out. Otherwise, it's like a person obsessed and consumed by a sport that puts every effort to excel in one thing - the speed, the size of biceps or power - while completely ignoring everything else, such as books, social, etc. It is not only difficult to be around these people. Sometimes it's quite embarrassing.
Similarly, when you talk to a pretty woman, you understand that appearance is the only thing it can offer. You realize that it is not the magnet that attracts men more than sex or good skin. For this loving you, special white magic are needed that can make you look much better and especially start attracting love.
Some important questions about the attraction of love
"EstWhite Magicce that means the white beauty white magics are useless?"
Response Magiccaster White Maxim:
Each case must be considered individually. Such white white magics can be very useful for people who radiate that inner beauty and are confident that they can not find love just because they are not attractive enough physically. But in most cases stronger rituals are needed, such as, for example, really white magic and white magic attraction of attraction works designed to make people love you and appreciate you for who you are.
"PeutWhite Magicêtre that my question is not the point but I really need to ask him. I found the magic soap on a website. This soap is supposed to enhance beauty. It is very easy to use - just wash your face every morning. PensezWhite Magicvous that true? EstWhite can Magicil? "
Response Magiccaster White Maxim:
It is possible, provided that this soap was manufactured by a powerful wizard or witch. For example, it can be designed to leave your ethereal plane rely on your physical plane. Each person has an appearance matrix - our ethereal body. However, it is often inactive for our physical body grows without ever reaching its peak. The soap you described can change this paradigm and make you as beautiful as you can be. Note that regardless of the soap you use, it is even less effective than attracting professional love white magic or White magic to attract a certain person.
Question: "AccepterezWhite Magicvous to work with me if I ask specifically for white magic of beauty?"
Response Magiccaster White Maxim:
I always executes the orders of my clients and give them the magic White they want. I never try to prove them wrong, even though I'm usually the one who ends up being right. The white magic can be approached in one of two ways. You can choose a white magic that you like and buy it and I never question or doubt your choice, or you can ask me to examine you to understand what can make you happy - one of the white magic magic or attraction White voodoo magic. You can understand which of the two approaches is the best by examining two approaches to buy something you've never had before.
"Y awhite MagictWhite Magicil age limits when it comes to white magic of beauty?"
Response Magiccaster White Maxim:
No, there is no age limit. I'm sure you've met men and women in their sixties that look simply amazing. These are people with healthy and powerful energies that fuel their beauty. If you let me help you, I will increase your energy for a younger and more attractive.
"Y awhite MagictWhite Magicil age limits regarding the white magic of the white magic to get attention?"
Response Magiccaster White Maxim:
There is only one: I do not throw white magic on minors. If you are over 21, you can use white magic love white magic to attract a lover as long as you live. However, your physical and mental state must be considered. In addition, I am against white white magics put on people who are currently in a relationship or married. You can find more information about it on my website.
"What ritual to attract love recommanderiezWhite Magicvous if I wanted to run moiWhite Magicmême?"
Response Magiccaster White Maxim:
As an experienced white magician, I can assure you that such rituals are nonexistent. Any white magic simple attraction you throw will be less effective than white magic of powerful attraction initiated by me. He will wear much faster than my white magic, too. So if you want to use a high quality white magic for a strong and lasting relationship, buying strong attraction or white magic Love White Magic to attract a specific person to me. This is true for all other rituals and white magic. In fact, laissezWhite Magicmoi remind you that I am an expert in all branches of modern and old white magic. But I never recommend using White Magic Wiccan attraction because it is ineffective.

Unfortunately, violence is a burning problem of modern society. Violence against spouses and children is widely discussed in the media. Undoubtedly, violence has always been part of our lives, it just has not been reported or mentioned. Now we have an opportunity to let the world know.
Protection against the white magic white magic can be launched by a victim, it is, to gain strength and courage, and to end the violence. Violence must not remain unpunished.
Time: at any time, preferably Tuesday or Friday.
Days: 3 days straight.
Opening hours: from March to now.
Candles: The astral for Asker; day candle for the day of the week; chandellesWhite MagicOffertoire: roseWhite Magicblanc candle two-color (3) with an inscription "love / Purification" and saying vertWhite Magicdoré "healing / protection."
Incense gum arabic or dragon's blood, labdanum and sandalwood.
Oils: cypress, rosemary and rose geranium for blancWhite Magicrose candles; ambergris, civet and lotus candle for vertWhite Magicdoré.
Job key "" libertéWhite Magicjoie. "
Other: nephrite Opal or (3); divinante wand.
Ablution: cinnamon, lavender and rosemary.
Breathe deeply, feel the light protection to enter into you. During ablution, meditate by focusing on the ritual actions that will protect you from violence and help you become a happy person. Enter the circle of Mars The Time Tuesday or Friday, if possible. Otherwise, run the white magic when you want. Light incense. Oil Altar Candles and candle day focusing on the purpose of the ritual.
Use a fine altar candle to light the candle day. Advertise your intentions,
"I came here to help (name) to change the situation (or" I came here to change the situation "): stop the violence that causes suffering and help them live again the joy of living."
Write the name of Asker on astral candle with a punch and oil candle. Use a small candle to light the candle of Asker, saying,
"This is (name), having the strength, able to overcome any difficulty let his mind be steadfast as the flame -.. The symbol of inner power that can withstand any test"
Use the awl to scratch the words "love" and "Purification" on the candle roseWhite Magicblanc. Oil and turn, saying,
"I light the first beacon in the circle of force, kissing (name). What this lighthouse, while climbing, multiplies the strength of Asker and assistance to defecate his life of suffering. Let the light removes the burden on (name) and teach him to again enjoy life. "
Take a censer and fumigate the space around the altar, repeating rhythmically keyword "libertéWhite Magicjoie" and accumulating energy. Put the censor in his place and direct your energy toward the candle roseWhite Magicblanc, saying,
"I turn on the second tag in the circle of force, kissing (name). It multiplies his strength and it helps defecate his life of suffering, to know the pure love and joy. What this light removes the burden on (name) and teach him to again enjoy life. "
Take the censer and fumigate again the space around the altar, repeating rhythmically keyword "libertéWhite Magicjoie" and accumulating energy. Put the censor in his place and direct your energy toward the candle roseWhite Magicblanc, saying,
"Now the circle is closed around the strength of (name). Here the flame of justice and strength, protecting (name) and making the joy and love in his life. "
Take the magic wand and touch each opal with it, imagining the strength and energy of the gods that enter your body and flow to the wand. Aim this energy to each stone, realizing his divine force purification and protection. Some imagine a divine energy of sunshine coming from the sky and into the head through their "third eye." Others feel the energy that comes from the ground and goes up through their legs and body. Use punch to write the words "healing" and "protection" on the candle vertWhite Magicdoré. Oil the candle and light it, saying,
"This is healing and protection. There will be suffering and hatred." Take the candle and déplacezWhite Magicla slowly in the direction of clockwise, making a candle tower in the middle three times. Try to imagine your life full of joy and love without fear and suffering. That violence cease and that the life of the asker will change for the better. Feel the love and joy fill the world and become a part of Asker. They belong to him.
Place candles in reverse order.
Repeat the magical white mold protection for three days straight.
Abandoning the idea of ​​revenge and punishment. The punishment of your offender is not your problem. It is believed in Wicca and other pagan cults that bad people suffer punishment in this life and this is as bad as their guilt. The deity will take care of the offender. ConcentrezWhite Magicvous on the victim, how he can regain his health and happiness.
If you want to be protected, contactezWhite Magicmoi. I can give you is the white magic or white magic black protection. Our physical and mental health depends on the cleanliness of the space in which we (and our pets) live, spend time studying.
So I offer the following white magic for the consecration of places ciWhite Magicdessus. To perform the ritual, you will need the following:
IcônesWhite MagicJésusWhite MagicChrist, the Virgin Mary and St Nicolas The Maker of Miracles
The bougiesWhite Magicl'église or normal (the store).
EauWhite Magic1White MAGIC3 liters or more (depending on the size of the space).
MilletWhite MAGIC1 glass (during the ritual, millet moves across each piece, then prepare a cross-section inside a sheet of cardboard so that the millet is not dispersed).
Put all the attributes before the icons and ask God and the Goddess and all the Saints to devote.
You can start the ritual in about 30 minutes. All family members living in the home should be cleaned of negative energy (hexes, curses, charms) in a church or at home with the help of white magic and spells presented in The Encyclopedia of white magic website.
It is important to remain confident to cope with the disease, cold, discomfort, anxiety, etc. that you can have by doing the ritual.
You can overcome the discomfort, remember that your goal is to clean your house of any negative energy.
The White Magic:
The dedication of a part starts with the gateway, from left to right, in the direction of clockwise. For best results, the ritual must be performed by 3White Magic4 people. If you have someone to help you, you can perform the ritual one, step by step.
A person walks with a lighted candle, saying his prayers (first protector Archangel)
White Magic Michael the Archangel before me
White Magic Michael the Archangel behind me
White Magic Michael the Archangel on my right
White Magic Michael the Archangel to my left
White Magic Michael the Archangel auWhite Magicdessus Me
White Magic Michael the Archangel under me
Michael White Magic, MichaelWhite Magicpartout where I go and everyone present at home sit, stand, lie and walk.
After that, it must be said the Lord's Prayer and prayers to JésusWhite MagicChrist, the Virgin Mary, Saint Nicolas The Maker of miracles.
The sign of the cross needs to be done anywhere in the room, near the cabinets, refrigerators, etc. without opening their doors. Pay special attention to all corners and places where the furniture form those.
The sign of the cross must be made in the corners of the room and the window openings at least three times. If soot appears on the flame or if the candle goes out, continue to make the sign of the Cross until the flame is restored.
The second person walks with the icon, making the sign of the cross with her and saying his prayers.
The third person makes the sign of the cross with holy water, and said his prayers.
Security measures for the handling of electrical equipment must be observed at the consecration of the place with holy water.
By performing the ritual in a place where family members spend a lot of time and make the sign of the cross (on the bed, chair, table), souhaitezWhite Magicleur well, light, peace, purity, wisdom, will, humility, patience, mercy and great faith in the creator.
Upon completion of the consecration of all parts of the ritual, including utility rooms that have doors, put millet in cardboard boxes transversely and hide in a safe place (cover something) out the scope of family members and pets.
In three days, take millet and versezWhite Magicle almost any tree.
Thus, all parts must be allocated one by one, in the sense of clockwise.
After the consecration, close the door and three times the sign of the cross, saying, "in the name of the Father - Mother Kingdom, Son and SaintWhite MagicEsprit the giver of life. Amen."
The ritual is accomplished with the help of All Saints, high lords, archangels, angels, seraphim and cherubim.
Ending white magic white magic of the consecration of the house, leaving the holy place, making the sign of the cross on the door of entrance (3 times), saying, "in the name of the Father - Mother Kingdom, Son and SaintWhite MagicEsprit the giver of life. Amen."
qu'estWhite Magicce the white magic, and how estWhite Magicil white? If you are new to Wicca, it can be either one of the questions you want to know the answer. In this article, I will discuss what the white magic and how to identify if a white magic is white magic or not. I will also explore what the white Black Magic, and ethics to launch different types of White Magic. Qu'estWhite Magicce the White Magic? The white magic can be summarized as the white magic for good or unselfish purposes. It is the white magic that celebrates and honors Mother Nature. The term white magic can also be used to describe the religion of Wicca as a whole, because it is a religion that is based on the fact of not harm anyone. But why estWhite Magicil white? The white magic has no color. We believe in white magic in terms of color because of the connotations we associate with different colors. White is a pure and innocent color, while black is associated with evil. This can be extended to involve red and pink colors with white magic of love, and green with the white magic money.

How to tell if a white magic is White Magic? When you do the Magic White, you have to consider the moral. By doing this you can turn to the Wiccan Rede. The Wiccan Rede is a statement that details the key moral system of Wicca. The word "rede" board or council meant in Old English. The last words of the Rede "An it harm no, do what you will, 'Is the most part known and regarded by many as the central rule of Wicca; as long as you do not hurt anyone, do what you want. One way to know if your white white magics are of white magic or not, is to see if they meet the Rede. However, in the practice of magic and white cast of white magic, is that White Magicce follow this simple "rule" Simply define your morality? EstWhite Magicce the white magic you cast affects someone else? If it does not affect anyone in a negative way, then you might say it's the white black magic. But what if they do not know they are influenced by the White Magic? For example, a white magic of love could be considered as the white and black magic unethical because you try to do something against the intention of somebody else. If a white magic acts only on vousWhite Magicmême or white magic is a selfless which does not influence the other, then you can consider it as the white magic. Note that all practitioners do not use these terms. Some do not believe the definition of white black or white magic. White magicWhite MagicL'éthique do your white magic white magic White magic white magic Love Love The White Magic White Magic is one of the most popular forms of white magic. There are many books that tell you how to run a white magic of love, and they are the type of white magic that Wiccans can be usually asked to do. But love White White magics ethics? Many white magic of love are designed to make someone fall in love with you. But by doing this about a specific person you are trying to remove the people's free will. While driving with the good intention of love unrequited handling someone one to do something that is against their will. If you want to practice a love White magic, the way of ethics is not to focus on a specific target, and do on vousWhite Magicmême instead. ConcentrezWhite Magicvous on makes you feel worthy of love. Why not try a white magic to help you meet new people or to improve your self confidence. You can then find that love will naturally come your way. Qu'estWhite Magicce that people want almost as much as love? Money. But throwing money The White Magic can not be so bad, do not estWhite Magicce? You do not ask someone else for less money, just for you to have more. However, think of the consequences of how you ask for the money to come to you. You could ask for a promotion that someone else deserves, or win the bingo game where the money should go to someone who needed it more. You may find money on the street, but what about the person who dropped? When you start a white magic of abundance, it is best to think about the money that happens to you in a way that is sympathetic. One way to do this is by adding a "no prejudice" on White Magic. This way, you do not try to get money in a way that will be detrimental to others. Be honest with vousWhite Magicmême on whether you start the white magic with need or desire. There is nothing greedy to ask for money if you do good things with it. The white magic healing the white magic healing are another popular type of White Magic where ethics must be considered, whether healing in physical or emotional sense. There are many types of white magic healing that can be used on vousWhite Magicmême or others. There is the autoWhite Magicguérison where you heal vousWhite Magicmême, distance or distance healing where you heal someone who is not present, and hands on healing. EstWhite Magicce ethics to a white magic healing? Ethics must be considered where you heal someone else. AvezWhite Magicvous permission of the person who needs healing they are happy for you to the White Magic? Qu'estWhite Magicce your connection to the person? For a white magic healing is truly ethical, you need the consent of people. Disclaimer: Please note that the White Magic healing should not be substituted for conventional medical care. See a doctor if your health or that of your child or loved one is compromised. The white magic healing can be performed in conjunction with other health care, to facilitate a return to effective and balanced health. The white magic of vengeance of white magic or curses can sometimes seem tempting. If someone has done you wrong, he can feel that making a white magic for revenge is just. However, perform white magic for revenge is very contreWhite Magicproductif. You hold on to negative energy instead of releasing her. Many people believe in the rule of three. Is that whatever energy you are making in the world, it will cost you three times. Therefore, the fact of emitting negative energy in the form of a white magic revenge may refer you to the negative energy. Put your energy instead of being better than that and do something positive. The best revenge is to drop resentment and be happy. How to start with the white magic so now that we have discussed different types of White Magic and the ethical directing, you may feel ready to learn the magic white. When in doubt during the broadcasting of White Magic, consider launching a passive white magic white magic using the passive. The white magic Passive is like karma; do believe that something good will come back one day. The white magic Active is the practice of white magic where you have a clear goal at the end. When you start the best thing you can do is learn. Buy some books on Wicca and read about the different types of white magic magic there and how to make them. The best white magic are starting with simple white magic which do not require elaborate rituals or expensive items. I hope you enjoy your spiritual journey begin! you may feel ready to learn the magic white. When in doubt during the broadcasting of White Magic, consider launching a passive white magic white magic using the passive. The white magic Passive is like karma; do believe that something good will come back one day. The white magic Active is the practice of white magic where you have a clear goal at the end. When you start the best thing you can do is learn. Buy some books on Wicca and read about the different types of white magic magic there and how to make them. The best white magic are starting with simple white magic which do not require elaborate rituals or expensive items. I hope you enjoy your spiritual journey begin! you may feel ready to learn the magic white. When in doubt during the broadcasting of White Magic, consider launching a passive white magic white magic using the passive. The white magic Passive is like karma; do believe that something good will come back one day. The white magic Active is the practice of white magic where you have a clear goal at the end. When you start the best thing you can do is learn. Buy some books on Wicca and read about the different types of white magic magic there and how to make them. The best white magic are starting with simple white magic which do not require elaborate rituals or expensive items. I hope you enjoy your spiritual journey begin! When in doubt during the broadcasting of White Magic, consider launching a passive white magic white magic using the passive. The white magic Passive is like karma; do believe that something good will come back one day. The white magic Active is the practice of white magic where you have a clear goal at the end. When you start the best thing you can do is learn. Buy some books on Wicca and read about the different types of white magic magic there and how to make them. The best white magic are starting with simple white magic which do not require elaborate rituals or expensive items. I hope you enjoy your spiritual journey begin! When in doubt during the broadcasting of White Magic, consider launching a passive white magic white magic using the passive. The white magic Passive is like karma; do believe that something good will come back one day. The white magic Active is the practice of white magic where you have a clear goal at the end. When you start the best thing you can do is learn. Buy some books on Wicca and read about the different types of white magic magic there and how to make them. The best white magic are starting with simple white magic which do not require elaborate rituals or expensive items. I hope you enjoy your spiritual journey begin! think about launching a white magic passively using the passive white magic. The white magic Passive is like karma; do believe that something good will come back one day. The white magic Active is the practice of white magic where you have a clear goal at the end. When you start the best thing you can do is learn. Buy some books on Wicca and read about the different types of white magic magic there and how to make them. The best white magic are starting with simple white magic which do not require elaborate rituals or expensive items. I hope you enjoy your spiritual journey begin! think about launching a white magic passively using the passive white magic. The white magic Passive is like karma; do believe that something good will come back one day. The white magic Active is the practice of white magic where you have a clear goal at the end. When you start the best thing you can do is learn. Buy some books on Wicca and read about the different types of white magic magic there and how to make them. The best white magic are starting with simple white magic which do not require elaborate rituals or expensive items. I hope you enjoy your spiritual journey begin! The white magic Active is the practice of white magic where you have a clear goal at the end. When you start the best thing you can do is learn. Buy some books on Wicca and read about the different types of white magic magic there and how to make them. The best white magic are starting with simple white magic which do not require elaborate rituals or expensive items. I hope you enjoy your spiritual journey begin! The white magic Active is the practice of white magic where you have a clear goal at the end. When you start the best thing you can do is learn. Buy some books on Wicca and read about the different types of white magic magic there and how to make them. The best white magic are starting with simple white magic which do not require elaborate rituals or expensive items. I hope you enjoy your spiritual journey begin! The best white magic are starting with simple white magic which do not require elaborate rituals or expensive items. I hope you enjoy your spiritual journey begin! The best white magic are starting with simple white magic which do not require elaborate rituals or expensive items. I hope you enjoy your spiritual journey begin!

are practitioners of white magic to fall into two main categories: white magic (sometimes called the way of the right hand) white and black magic (sometimes called the path of the left hand). However, the exact definition of each is often the subject of debate. The most commonly accepted difference is that white magic is associated with positivity and healing, while the black white magic brings negativity and evil. Other believers argue that white magic is for the good of others, while white black magic is for the personal benefit of the caster. [1] Still others claim that the black magic white is a form of white magic where the prevailing social mores and taboos are broken. Anyway, the actual practice of white magic varies considerably between belief systems, schools of thought and even individual practitioners. Chosen based your altar. Your altar can be any fairly large elevated flat surface to place your book of shadows and your chosen ritual items. This may be a coffee table, bedside table, shelf, or a large storage box. Some practitioners prefer to use a round altar, because it is easier to move within a ritual circle. Others prefer square or rectangular altars for practical reasons such as ease of storage. any fairly large elevated flat surface to place your book of shadows and your chosen ritual items. This may be a coffee table, bedside table, shelf, or a large storage box. Some practitioners prefer to use a round altar, because it is easier to move within a ritual circle. Others prefer square or rectangular altars for practical reasons such as ease of storage. any fairly large elevated flat surface to place your book of shadows and your chosen ritual items. This may be a coffee table, bedside table, shelf, or a large storage box. Some practitioners prefer to use a round altar, because it is easier to move within a ritual circle. Others prefer square or rectangular altars for practical reasons such as ease of storage.
For the white magic in particular, you can choose a wooden altar to be more in harmony with nature. [2] You can even choose to use a particular type of wood associated with certain types of spells. [3]
Choose the investment in your home. AssurezWhite Magicvous to choose a place that is usually a quiet place where you can concentrate better. Some traditions hold that the altar should be placed to the north or east, according to the school of thought.
For the white magic, you can choose to place your altar in a place with lots of natural light. You can also put it in a positive place symbolically associated with the creation, as in your kitchen.
Organize the symbols of your gods. These symbols should be placed side by side and in the center of your altar. Your symbolic objects can represent either the horned god and goddess mother, is a personal choice of deities from a particular pantheon. Some choose candles of different colors to represent their deities. Others buy statues in the image of their deities. Still others choose certain significant items to their deities, generally derived from myths and traditions.

Represent the four elements. Many traditions include symbols of the four elements arranged around the altar corresponding to the four cardinal directions. To the white magic, use white or light-colored versions of these items (v. White Magica, White Magic of.,. White wine instead of red) if you like.
Land north: represented by a pentacle, stones, salt, food and / or plants. A yellow or green candle is placed in the periphery.
Fire south: represented by oil, knives rituals and / or coupeWhite Magicbougies. Place a red candle at the periphery.
Air in the East: Represented by incense, feathers, a bell, and / or your wand. Place a yellow or blue plug at the periphery.
Water in the West: represented by a water bowl, shells, a cup or a glass of wine, and / or a cauldron. A blue or green candle is placed in the periphery.
Determine your intention. Always have a clear goal in mind when performing a spell. RappelezWhite Magicvous that white magic is generally positive and for the good of others. The white magic encourages healing, growth, happiness, peace, etc. Many believe that a major aspect of white magic is that it can not subvert the will of another person. By following this principle, you should not, for example, cast a spell of love on a particular person to force her to love you. Instead, a white magic love spell involve attract a stranger, peutWhite Magicêtre with certain desired qualities to you or the person who asked you to perform the spell.
Select additional items for your altar in connection with your fate. The details of the items are usually considered secondary to what they mean for you, the caster. Tap into your culture or traditions and symbols of your clan. Specific herbs and figurines are popular choices. You can add as many items as you want as long as they do not overload your altar. [6]
Continuing with the example of a white magic spell of love, place representations of the qualities you want in a lover. If you want someone passionate, add pepper and a hint of spice. Intelligence can be represented by a statue of an owl. A saffron pot could be a contender for happy or stable
Start by drawing a circle. Create a circle around your altar and stand inside before starting out. The circle can be done with chalk, string, stones, twigs, salt, or other object that you can mold into one. Look to your altar. If you cast with others, join hands and face in the center of the circle.

Meditate on your altar. Use items on the altar to clear your mind and focus on your goal. You can use a wand or a ceremonial knife to channel your attention by pointing to each symbolic object. Think about how each relates to the spell you cast. Pray to the gods you have chosen for them to guide you and help you.

Run any rituals or recite any suitable incantations to your fate. They are not always necessary for a spell, but many practitioners use them. You can learn through research or directly from another believer. You can even create your own fate to write in your book of Shadows. It is good to remember everything you need before you start, but you can also play directly from your book. [9]
For the white magic, or make any violent or symbolizing violence act. Similarly, do not talk negatively and do not use hateful words.

Overview Of The White Magic:
"White Magic" is a term that includes several meanings. There are white magic tricks and illusions, but also white magic tricks less visible and more secrets with the use of forces and esoteric energies.
Many people are fascinated by magicians that remove or show objects or living things. We are always intrigued by the ruse that is used to perform this trick.
However, if you want to consult a psychic for a private clairvoyant consultation by phone, then you are not on the right place!
As for magic acts that change the destiny, the population is about a sense of foreboding because it forces called some may question the actual existence.
And yet, through rituals, spells and incantations, the fate of a life can be changed. It is always necessary that the practitioner is not a charlatan. There are several types of white magic, the best known are white and black. A difference is made between these two white magics in 1450. The white black magic is then represented as evil and white magic as well.
In this part, it is the white magic that interests us. Its features are many and varied, it can provide protection, love red with white magic, healing and many other positive aspects of our life.
This white magic is harmless, it does not imply that good spirits and positive energy. If it is done with care and concentration, the results are usually easily visible.

However, the only risk to this white magic is that it does not. This can happen for several reasons. You're just not focused enough or believe that white magic to work on you, or the mage that captivates you is not efficient and professional. You can do the same ritual several times, at different nights, but if after three, it does not work, it is not appropriate to try again. See here the origin of the white magic.
In fact, if you want the white magic goes in the direction of the desired goal, it is necessary to learn more about the practitioner (mage). In fact, do some research on the white magic and magician.
In this business, there are unfortunately many charlatans. In white magic, it is not very serious because the risks, I want to address in the consecrated portion, are not important and do not cause disaster in your life. But to put the odds of success in your favor, discover.
Even if the risk does not appear in the white magic, we need rules not to cross the border with the white black magic. There are four rules which I will explain in the dedicated section.
Until you visit this page, I can tell you that you should not use white magic with negative energy to get revenge for example. It is also important that there is an exchange of information and knowledge between the magician and the bewitched person. But also, the person must be informed and present during the ritual, otherwise it will not be the white magic.
In terms of opportunities, the white magic is very comprehensive. It focuses on what governs our lives, what drives us to move forward, to be well and live simply. I will highlight the main features for which the white magic is used.
If love is missing in your life, white magic has rituals to overcome this lack. Rituals are multiple as the situation in which you find yourself. You can also go to the white magic rules.
Also, you can use it in case of illness or danger to protect or cure vousWhite Magicmême.
The aspect of the work is a guide in our lives, and sometimes it is difficult to find or develop, so the white magic can help in some cases.
Finally, luck is also important part of our life, we may need luck in all areas. To these four pillars, the white magic can be useful if properly executed.
For this it is necessary to set everything up and prepare so the ritual gets the expected result. Indeed, it is necessary to purify the body, mind and place in which the lot will be made.
The magician or the person applying for the ritual to be relaxed, focused so that the energies are powerful and positive. This preparation is valid for all the rituals of white magic, I would like to describe all this in more detail in the section on purification.

Of course, all these processes are learned with great precision and patience. To make white magic, you must have been initiated by a magician.
Each individual goes at its own pace, depending on its involvement and its bases, especially in terms of magnetism it already has. It is this magnetism that turns into energy and allows the ritual to perform.
This apprenticeship is long and requires sacrifice, it must first have a magnetic gift to practice white magic. Feel free to understand the risks of triple yields.

Finally, there are limits to the white magic. In many cases, we can not influence events that will occur.
This is true when it comes to physical changes. Indeed, the white magic is only the mind and thought of the people involved. Any physical change that occurs can only come from a simple coincidence, or other factors peutWhite Magicêtre a mental motivation effect achieved by the ritual. In this case, the changes are usually temporary.
When it comes to the game of chance, it is for example possible to perform a ritual to win the lottery, the number of possibilities is too large. At the limit for a game where the combinations are less important, a ritual can increase the number of chances to win.

The white magic is probably one of the oldest. This spell is positive charm unlike the white magic black for example. The purpose of a white white magic is usually given a boost, in love, games, work, etc ... The white magic is a completely natural art or it is called essentially forces of nature. As the white magic red, white part of the white magic called "clear".

As I said before, the most present in white magic applications concern the love life. Therefore, a development on the magical love can inform you on several points. It corresponds to the white magic red recognized since 1840 as the white magic of feelings, attraction, love and seduction. Most of the rituals that are performed in the white magic of love come from the white magic and are therefore safe.

However, when the application requires prior break to conquer someone or harmful effect of this kind, the white Black magic is used with great care. The magician who listens to your application must ensure above all that your request is genuine. By this we mean that your love for the right person is sincere and not self-interest, if not white magic will not work. The magician ask you many details about that person for that reason but also to choose the love ritual is best for your personal situation. The applications are so numerous that you must be an experienced magician to remember all the rituals and how to customize them for each case.

So you can find some more examples of search queries will be exposed later. If you do not find yourself in these applications, do not worry, it's just a small range of all the things that are made. In love magic, emotional return is the most touched by couples through prevention and by newly separated persons subject regret more than anything. The corresponding rituals remind the person all the great moments she spent with you and show you how much she misses him. There are also demands for love or sexual attractions. In the case of one person, the peutWhite Magicêtre spell on luiWhite Magicmême on a person or an entire group of people,

This barrier is especially shyness or lack of confidence you have in yourself. This can lead to a wonderful encounter for future romance or just sexual attraction and this according to your starting demand, because the ritual is suitable. In the case of the couple, the spell can revive a sexual attraction for example. Then, often in couples, a person is concerned about the loyalty of the other. There are rituals to overcome this issue which will act bewitching your spouse so that it is attracted by you and it is envied by you and forever. The magical love that is on the red white magic is mostly harmless because of the white magic. Nevertheless, for when everything has been tried before and the person still insists, it is possible to use black magic or white magic. In this situation, it is the magician to be called, and he absolutely must warn you against this practice which is dangerous for you, for the concerned person and luiWhite Magicmême.

In all cases, you must be sure of your feelings and the choices you make because once the finished lot, it's hard to go back even with evisceration. Indeed, it is a long and complicated process to successfully rip someone especially when it comes to high white magic as sorcery or black magic white. The fundamental difference between the red magical love in black and white is the way to get what you want. Indeed, with the white magic that is positive and safe, the person will not feel captivated and come back to you if the ritual worked. For this, you need an experienced magician chooses the ritual right, and you are very focused.

In addition, there are risks that called evil spirits attacking you and the magician, if the protection of the white magic was not strong enough. It is possible to learn this magical love is indeed an introduction to magic red and white to be made by a master magician. This learning must be desired and must be highly motivated and available to complement and be a professional magician. Finally, be careful in your choice of magician, give him all the details of your situation so that it uses the most personalized as possible ritual. Thus, you will get the desired result, and quite quickly. And it provided that you stay very focused.

The return of bienWhite Magicaimé the fate of love is the most requested charm. This white magic can bring your bienWhite Magicaimé more love (x) (s) than ever. The purpose of this evil and revive the tarnished feelings and amplify. The white magic does not create false feelings is a real love will be stable and sustainable.
Transforming a friendship into love: you have a secret love? your feelings for that person are not mutual? Well, this spell is for you! This white magic is increasingly requested and we get very good results.
To remove a rival, it is very easy thanks to the white magic to permanently remove a person who would turn around your bienWhite Magicaimé.
Other: you can use the white magic usually to obtain favors of life, such as games, luck, work ...

As for the red white magic, the magic white using natural forces, from which it draws all its power. There is no risk, unlike the black magic white. Furthermore, the results are very stable and last through time. Everything depends on the magician or the magician who will work magic.

Meet its half, to marry and try to ensure the sustainability of the relationship is the legitimate wish of everyone.
However, it is not always easy to access such a request. This Is not Don Juan who wants!
It is within this context that the white magic of love involved in preparing a favorable emotional ground for anyone practice. It promises to provide answers to emotional questions, solve your problems and even heart to put the odds on your side in your quest for a soul mate. But how and in what way souhaitezWhite Magicvous ask? Replies in the following lines ...
Understanding the white magic
You should know, first and foremost, that the white magic love is just one of the many branches of white magic. In general, these are a group of spells and esoteric rituals used for positive purposes or even preventive. As you can see, its main purpose is to ward off evil spirits or harmful energies and allow positive energy to have a lasting impact on a person's life.
Among the white magic spells are, among other things, the resolution of financial problems or protection against bad luck .. One who interests us most is the white magic love, which happens to be an "art", according to the words of its greatest practitioners, encouraging the resolution of all kinds of love questions. However, do not misunderstand me confused with red white magic, which is more like a selfish practice since it allows you to take the favors of love, same sex a person against his will. The real difference lies in the fact that the white magic respects the principle of "doing good" without playing with the feelings of others, or try to control them.
Based on this definition, it would thus be a harmless practice, animated by good intentions and who call that friendly spirits.
Recognize a wizard worthy of the name
When it comes to white magic, we immediately think of the black magician in the case of the black white magic, or magician regarding the white magic.
In all cases, it is essential that the marabout being with a mind and a pure heart.
At the same time, it must have a natural gift, making it capable of acting and magnetize a distant object. In this regard, it must have a great strength of mind to achieve the objectives expected by the applicant. To enhance the effects of the spell, several accessories can be used, including candles, a book of spells, amulets or talismans. It is the same for the use of herbs, incense, gemstones or various potions with mysterious powers. It goes without saying that the practicing occult is imperative to have an impeccable knowledge of herbalism.
Throughout the ritual, several incantations can be sung for the vibrational frequency necessary to the success of magical ceremony.
This esoteric art requires several years of learning and is not limited to simple reading of witchcraft works.
From an emotional standpoint, it is important that the marabout is in no way tied to his client. In general, the magician will go to regular meditation sessions to exercise the mind and develop concentration skills.
In addition, it must also respect the lunar calendar, and engage in various sacrifices (eg 3 days of fasting), to maximize the chances of success of fate.
The purification phase of the
Before beginning a love white magic ritual, you must go through the purification step. Start with your body luiWhite Magicmême which should be cleaned using a bath of herbs or oils, depending on your mage recommendations. The goal here is to relax and leave room for positive energy. Then you have to lie down and concentrate on the ritual while meditating slowly. Be sure to give great importance to the place which should ideally be calm, purified and especially clean.
The mindset of the person applying
Practitioners will confirm that the white magic is based on a state of mind. Indeed, a magic act involves a divinity. The latter has a very clear perception of your mindset and your desire to achieve your goals. Simple to do, but be aware that most people do not exercise their will enough in ritual practice and fail for lack of preparation.
Creating a good relationship requires a strong mental preparation and a firm belief in the results. It is therefore essential that you optimistic with a firm determination and an indomitable faith in your application. Hence the interest to precede the magic ritual of meditation and concentration sessions. Thus the deities will manifest generally produce a great sense of bienWhite Magicêtre and safety.
Moreover, any doubt or hesitation has no place in a white magic ritual under penalty of not achieving the desired result or even the opposite effect of the application as originally formulated.
The rituals of love
Attract love, find a soul mate, perpetuating a couple, hold a partner, forget the whole relationship. In short, rituals abound of white magic of love, as long as you accompany your request for a willingness and availability. Now that you have learned the basics of white magic of love, all you have to do is apply your ritual.
Among the most famous, there is the ritual to be loved, to overcome a painful separation, to stop infidelity, pregnancy or to save a marriage.
Attracting the love of a person with the white magic
In this article, we provide a simple and effective ritual to attract love a person.
Its biggest advantage is that you can learn without a wizard. But to do that, you should ideally be performed on a full moon Monday night.
You must first sit down at a clean table and collect useful materials. More specifically, a white or red candle, a Magicdent cureWhite, a match and honey.
Write your name using the cureWhite Magicdent one side of the candle and write the name of the coveted person on the other side. On both sides, add the word "love."
Then use honey to coat your candle, so that it completely covers the names engraved on it.
And turn the plug pronouncing three times, and aloud, the magic formula:
Know, want, daring, Silence: this motto, inscribed in letters of fire on the pediment of the Temple of Solomon symbolized the four pillars of wisdom that bind man to God. It has become, since the ancient times, the motto of those who conscientiously practice the magic white.
However, if this series of introductory articles I decided to lift for you the veil of Isis, I dwell only the first two words of the motto: Know and Will.
To dare, it's for later, when you have the firm conviction that you are ready to join the exclusive circle of followers.
The close is the final stage, where you will have gained power over others, but vousWhite Magicmême. You then will act in silence, without ever showing your knowledge and skills: you will become a Mage.
It is likely that many of you will stop on the way, finding in this series enough to feed their curiosity. This is normal and reassuring for me because if I want to now play the role of smuggler to wake up to another reality, I'm not (yet) ready to let go.
A long and grueling initiation and over 25 years of practice, occult, it is not sold in some articles. It would be unconscious, without having met you and tested without seeing your deep motivations, secrets you deliver that, unfortunately, can be used both for good and for harm others.
The image of the range that can be used for eating but also to put out the eyes or burst those of his neighbor is a metaphor, in its simplicity, illustrates my point and my reservations.
We will first speak of the ritual, a word that fascinates and sometimes worry my consultants. You will explain that this practice really is, allow those who call me to give a hand to the fate of not imagine the unspeakable things, like the reckless who want to test their magical thinking, they will find in these few pamphlets, the database schema that will allow them to make their debut.
What is the aim of a white magic ritual?
The ritual is both the stage and the springboard that comes to the rescue of your power of thought when celleWhite Magicci is not sufficiently exercised or that the application is important and requires an external supply. The call to entities (gods, angels, saints, disembodied) accelerates the process and facilitates the fulfillment of your desires.
As part of my occult work, I heard my own white magic rituals. They are even more powerful than I cultivates and refines them for centuries. Although the model is the same one I gave, experience has taught me how to give resonance to the words and gestures, depending on the situation but also of the person.
A white magic of profit, which will serve as a springboard for business and cash flows, is not treated as a white magic of love, which will cause feelings rekindle the flame of a relationship that disintegrates or to bring home one or the other is gone.
Do not think that my goal is to discourage you or tell you: but me, no salvation. No, I'm asking you is to be humble and not to hesitate in hand, as I did at the beginning moiWhite Magicmême hundred times on the job work.
With time and experience, you will be able to invent white magic rituals "to measure" in relation to a particular query, but you must always respect the basic protocol.
Even if you lack experience or vocabulary, your magical thinking, sincerity of your request, your words and your will power surely will appeal invoked entities and you will intercede.
Material and ingredients of the ritual of white magic
A table or on top of a dresser serve an altar (occultum). If you live with your family, discretion is a basic principle in the white magic, I recommend using a shelf, located in a locked closet. You can store all the ingredients of your white magic rituals.
The altar cloth
A simple white cloth, cotton imperative or, failing that, a sheet. You will draw, embroider or impress by transferring a pentacle in the center of your altar cloth. Choose between the traditional flaming star or pentagram, the Cross Christ if you are Catholic obedience or Star of David (Solomon's seal) if you are of Jewish confession.
The 4 elements
Their representation should always be on your altar.
White Magic the Fire element will be represented by the candles.
White Magic The air component will be represented by incense.
White Magic Water element will be represented by a cup of water or a crystal ball.
White Magic The earth element is represented by a cup of rock salt or a handful of earth.
The book of rituals
The best rituals of white magic are those you create vousWhite Magicmême, following the model that I propose. Even clumsy, incantations or prayers from the heart are the most effective. However you will find in many books or on the internet specific rituals (white magic lunar, white magic candlelight, white magic salt, white magic of love ...). It is for you to inspire you, to test, to make the right choice.
Incense: the perfume of the gods
The priests and magicians have always used incense. Incense burned at a religious or ritual is the link between the earth and the cosmic forces. He is the messenger of prayers and invocations. The symbolism of incense is also the smoke, perfume and Untouchables resins used to prepare it. Frankincense to choose?
In the market, there are thousands of incense, all shapes and all backgrounds, each manufacturer to ensure, of course, they are the best, most effective. We will try to sort by process of elimination. Basic sticks sold everywhere, including in supermarkets, are to be avoided, their only possible use of fragrance your home, but it is not enough when it comes to protecting or performing a ritual. an exception that proves the rule: high quality sticks as the Tibetan or Indian frankincense.
Also avoid incense with names: Incense 7 saints, voodoo incense, incense planet ... which are the product of often fanciful mixtures. As there is no legislation nor controlled appellation, a herb OF pinch of Provence (or similar) added to a powdered incense will multiply its price without adding anything to its effectiveness.
The best is to choose a base frankincense: Frankincense, Benzoin, myrrh ... preferably in pieces or grains. You pulvériserez vousWhite Magicmême (with a mortar and pestle) and add a few elements that will make it even more powerful.
To clean a place: a base portion incense, a portion of dried coriander and a portion of dried parsley.
Against the spells: a base portion incense, a portion of dried cinnamon and part dried mint.
To cause the love part of the ordinary incense, part of the dried verbena and some dried rose petals.
To bring good luck: a portion of incense, a portion of dried St. John's wort and a portion of dried lavender.
Candles, candles and other
Generally, in the books of rituals, we recommend candles of different colors. Personally, I use exclusively:
White Magic White candles (valid for all rituals).
White Magic Wax
On bougiesWhite Magicbougies Church: a mixture of paraffin and wax virgin bee that is an excellent catalyst liquid.
White Magic Daggie candles for the white magic of love.
That said, if you want to use colored candles, assurezWhite Magicvous, so they do not flow, choosing tinted.
Salt Protection and Purification
Since the dawn of time, men use salt to preserve perishables and purify their environment.
Indeed, salt contains chlorine is a powerful disinfectant. No wonder then that they built this mineral, generously provided by the oceans, their magical practices ...
Use rock salt, salt estWhite MagicàWhite Magicdire old vanished seas, which is now in the mines here and there. The most beautiful rock salt from Poland. There are huge mines, in which the same are cathedrals carved for minors! Personally, I use the pink Himalayan salt which is of high purity.
You will use rock salt:
White Magic Your purification bath, before any ritual.
White Magic Represent on your altar the Earth element.
White Magic Draw your circle of protection.
The six main stages of the white magic ritual
1 White Magic three purifications
This is to cleanse your body, your mind and where your sacred space will be created.
Purification of the body
The best way to cleanse is the ritual bath in which you poured scented oils, bath salts, plant ... you have chosen for their beneficial effects and adapted to the ritual.
It is recommended to light a candle and burn incense still selected in correspondence with your request. Thus the 4 elements will be present at your purification.
If you do not have a bath, you can cleanse your body:
White Magic By exposing you to wind, sun or moonlight.
White Magic The spray you with water source.
White Magic By dipping in a lake, river or sea.
White Magic By anointing with perfumed oil.
White Magic Place your body in the smoke of incense.
All these means are valid if they are practiced with a purifying intention.
Purification of the mind
The goal here is to relax, clear your mind of all the tension and all the worries: make peace in vousWhite Magicmême.
The ideal would be to enjoy your bath to do. Using meditation (or meditation) préparezWhite Magicvous slowly leaving your usual world to enter a middle ground where you can contact the entities that will execute your orders.
Purification of the place
To clean the sacred space, you use a rice straw broom that will sweep you the area of ​​the room where the ritual will take place.
Visualize that it is the negative energy that you sweep and not dust you removed earlier.
Then you saupoudrerez the sacred space of salt, herbs or powders known for their magical powers purification (sage, copal, thyme ...).
2 White Magic The magic circle
Then draw your circle of protection with rock salt. AttendezWhite Magicvous that it is wide enough to be comfortable because you should never leave before closing ritual. All you have to do is dedicate. Here's how :
White Magic From the north, go around the circle with your salt flat saying:
With the salt of the earth I dedicate this circle
White Magic Then take your cup of water and leave West for another round saying:
With this pure water, I dedicate this circle
White Magic Take a candle, the light and take a turn south, saying ::
With the sacred fire, I dedicate this circle
White Magic Finally, take incense and go around the circle is saying
I dedicate this circle with the perfumed air
3 White Magic Ritual
You put on your robe (which can be a simple white cotton TWhite Magicshirt) after cleaning your bathroom. You've spent and controlled ingredients and materials on your altar, light your candles, burn incense on your coals and preparing your book of shadows where you copied the ritual that you chose or created. About incantations or prayers that you pronounce it for white magic ritual, I leave you free to choose to invoke that you want. What you sent an item (Moon, Sun, Mother Earth) to a saint, an angel or a god, christian, pagan or otherwise, according to your beliefs: it does not matter, know that everyone will recognize his !
4 White Magic Acknowledgments
Once your white magic ritual completed, you will make the energy to the ground, saying:
I thank the universe for this circle
And I give all the energy from where it comes.
Everything is now as before
Thank you, now, entities that you called. Indeed, if you want to reconcile their long-term graces, be courteous. In particular, remember when you got the desired results, offer them a gift: flowers, stones, incense, fruit ...
5White Magicfermer circle
The last step is to declare that the white magic ritual is over, and then delete the sacred circle.
6 White Magic back to normal
Now it's time to put your instruments and give the room its original appearance.
To reinstate your local universe, you can make a meditation, gradually bring you to the material world, and thus avoid a sudden shock return. Where you have officiated also find its original atmosphere. All ingredients (candles, incense) that have not been fully used must be destroyed (by burying, for example).
Wicca and witchcraft are all over the web. While looking Wicca, you always come across spells and white magic. This is because the white magic and cast spells are a big part of the ritual practices of Wiccans.
You peutWhite Magicêtre heard Wiccan spells for healing, protection, love, fertility, money or success. These examples of positive and good white magic are often called the white magic. The opposite of this kind of spells is the white black magic. The black magic white is popular since ancient times because it is associated with the ultimate power, to evil and Satanism.
It is important to know the roots of Wicca to be able to separate the good and bad facts about Wicca.
Wicca is a pagan religion that believes both gods and goddesses. This belief is comparable to the Taoist belief in "yin" and "yang", and also the Christian beliefs of Jesus and the Devil. The Wiccan God is associated with nature, wilderness, hunting and sexuality. The goddess is preeminent.
The white magic and white magic typify normal Wiccan practices (often called witchcraft or sorcery). The white magic is defined as the science and art of causing change by force of nature and the universe. For Wiccans, the white magic is a law of nature.
There is no fixed set of codes or ethical guidelines followed by Wiccans; however, almost all practitioners follow the Wiccan Rede Wiccan. The Wiccan Rede states that "if it does not hurt anybody, do what you want." (The first word "an" means "if" in the ancient language of English medium). This moral compass helps Wicca to consider their actions and keep them in line with Wiccan beliefs.
Wiccans also follows the return of the triple law. This is similar to the idea of ​​karma found in Hinduism. Basically, the law says that every good or bad action from one person to another, back to that person with triple strength some time in the future.
There are five natural elements in the Wiccan traditions, rather than the normal 4 that most of us know. The five elements are Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and the additional element is "ether" or "spirit." Five points of a pentagram represent different each item, and as such the pentagram is a fundamental form in the Wiccan tradition.
Finally, Wicca does not follow any particular book as the Bible and Christianity, or Islam and the Koran. A book exists (the Book of Shadows), but it's just a collection of spells that has been updated and extended in history.

The white magic deals with the energy that is positive all around us. It is a white magic using your subtle feelings and sweet desires. The elements and objects used for white magic are beautiful and sublime.
All that is beautiful is used when the white magic is happiness. The help of such white magic is taken when you want to find happiness, peace, true love and wealth. One of sublime objects that come into play when you cast spells love is rose quartz.
The ruddy object has the power to interpret your deep passion for one person and aims to bring soulmates as far they are from each other physically entering the use for white white magic.
Rose quartz is associated with the greatest gift of human life and that is love. By wearing as a pendant around your neck and close to your chest, it is believed that it shows the wonder in your love life. These are some simple methods, but outside of this rose quartz can be seriously used to launch by love spells to bring the love of your next life.
Get a snap of your lover and if that is not possible, then write his name on a clean white sheet of paper that the power invested in the names written is huge and pretty intense. Now cut a pink paper heart shape and get your hands on a pink marker or ink pen, a pink or green candle or a night in one of two colors. Finally hold a rose quartz for your white magic.
Now Place the candle in your own room. Write the name of the person you want to love strongly with this pen on the piece of paper after lighting the candle. Place the rose quartz just before the candle and say a prayer "and soitWhite Magicil and do harm to anyone" after you have viewed the exact Garden of Eden where you reside both happy after that you'll love.
Put the paper in the shape of heart under your pillow and always keep with rose quartz vousWhite Magicmême. If possible, then you can offer quartz to your lover with a gift and if it can not just keep it with you.
Here is a nice and harmless white magic for you discussed with the help of a rose quartz.

The world of white magic does not work with a single finger swipe. There are rules and techniques that govern the work of spells, crafts and potions. Since it deals with energies that are not perceived by us with our naked eyes, more caution should be practiced while dealing with invisible forces, invisible and yet potentially very powerful. The white black magic and white magic both have their own techniques while dealing with them. It is not possible to summarize them all in this article, but some of them generally can certainly be discussed and explained to you.
In the case of white magic, the use of projective hand can rule the forces of evil and keep them away, while the receptive hand is so used you invite all the positive energy surrounding you and influence your activities. If the process is reversed for any reason, it can create disastrous effects in your life. While performing the white magic, you must ensure that the condition of the mind is absolutely stable. You should always perform spells and make revenue with a clear conscience and without doubt. If you have any doubt about your abilities then it is better to take the help of a medium. A doubtful mind may invite negative vibrations to wrap your conscience will pose an obstacle to your success.
The being of white or black magic white magic, one should always use accessories. The use of things and objects that have already been used by another individual can be devastating by all means. This is because the objects must have captured the previous vibrations that come between the energies that come into play when you run out.
Stay clear spells that deals with the collection of bodily fluids if you are not completely confident. Any bad mood can affect the line and it can also be the agent of some venereal diseases. It must therefore be treated with great care.
Take as much help as possible to a medium, but it is better to run itself out because no matter the experience of a medium, he can never bring those passions and desires that are associated with the purpose of execution of your fate.
These are quelquesWhite Magicunes techniques you should keep in mind while performing the magic Crafts. There are many interesting facts that are hidden from public knowledge. The magical world is one such area where people who know much would not like to share their knowledge with others. But in this article you will come to know some interesting facts revolving around hexagons spells and curses. PeutWhite after Magicêtre learn more about them, you might like to read and learn more about the occult hidden.
The spells are part of the black magic white, white and gray. Witches of old and wizards have made good use of spells to achieve their goal. The white magic simply uses the positive energy around us and brings good changes in people's lives.
But the spells used in black magic to hurt white people will some time or the other must return to its user. Thus, since ancient times, have been advised not to play with spells associated with black magic white.
Always try to do good to others to reap wonderful rewards. The gray white magic is very interesting. They can start as white black magic but eventually turn into white magic is good, but the case vice versa exist that is not favorable at all.
For example, if you cast a spell where you want a specific amount of money, then peutWhite Magicêtre in a few days you will land in receiving this money as compensation liability for the death of some of your near and dear ones. I'm sure you do not expect to get an amount to the price of the death of your bienWhite Magicaimé. So there you go with gray white white magics.